Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun in the Sunny South

Our two-week stay in the sunny south (i.e., Lethbridge) has been flying by.

It started off with a visit from Marc, Kylie and Niko.

Man did I love having a dog around the house again. In fact, let's look at another picture of the cute pooch.

I also loved having M&K around (of course). We did lots of fun things (when we could drag Lowell away from the massive amounts of school work that he had looming over his academic little head).

I'll show you the pictures of all the fun, but first let's take a gander at the G Family dictionary for a moment and learn a little somethin somethin.
Frisbee golf, noun, a game in which hands are used to toss a flat, round disc at a number of targets, in succession, situated at various distances over residential or park areas having natural or artificial obstacles, the object being to hit the chosen target with the disc in as few attempts as possible. Individuals who partake in this activity MUST be goofy and have fun. Moving targets acceptable.
Okay, now here we are introducing Jenn (who currently lives with us) to our traditional family sport. Perhaps it'll make the Olympics in 2012?

(note the big steaming pile of Niko poo that mark is proudly displaying in the above picture)

After a (not-so) intense round of frisbee golf, we had S'MORES!!! With CARAMILK BARS! In my egocentric little world, I thought everyone used Caramilk bars in their s'mores. Apparently not. But everyone should. They provide the perfect gewey chocolately caramel deliciousness that a true s'more deserves.

Who needs a fire pit to roast marshmellows when you have a BARBEQUE. Propane taste aside, they're delicious.

Marc turned THIRTY in June, so Lowell and I had a belated gift for him... a remote control helicopter. Marc was ECSTATIC about this. Probably more so than if he had received it for his ninth birthday.
Niko and Marc both have their eyes on the 'copter!

Ooooo, let's talk about bugs. I hate bugs. Like, reeeeaaaally hate bugs. Especially gross creepy crawly spiders.

I (briefly) let my fascination overcome my hatred when I spotted this guy on our deck:

Gross, but also kind of cool.

We threw bugs on the web and watched the spider work SO FAST to wrap it all up and CONSUME it.

I soon came to my senses and thought 'What are we doing? We're feeding this little monster and it's going to become a big fat hungry monster and eat our whole family. It MUST be destroyed!'

So I killed it.

Anyhoo, before we knew it, it was time for Marc, Kylie, and Niko to LEAVE!

Bye bye M, K&N!

(Dad supervised Marc checking his oil before he biked off to work)

Don't worry, not ALL the fun left with M&K. We managed to scrape up some good times (when I successfully forced Lowell away from his work).

Aside from the regular bike rides, walks, and runs, we tubed down the river (after inflating the tubes)...

I spring-cleaned the playhouse...

Went on picnics with friends...

And watched the Olympics while in the hot tub!

And now...I must get my bum into packing gear as we're LEAVING. For NEW ZEALAND. In THREE DAYS!!!!


shareen said...

I can't believe you leave in only a few days! Thanks for the update...I didn't see the picture of me on the tricycle until this morning when Marc pointed it out. too bad we don't have you along this weekend as our photographer...Niko's sure being a good subject!

Bloggy Mama said...

WOw, three days!!

Shelley said...

don't like bugs, eh? hmmm.... well, in new zealand there's a giant bug called a Weta. It's like a cochroach/cricket type of thing. They can get to be really big, like the length from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. And they jump. Oh and they have these hook things on them so if they jump on your clothes, they will hook through the fabric and then you can't get them off. So to get them off remember these 3 steps...
A) don't panic, they won't hurt you
B) find a lighter or a match
C) put the lighter or match to the weta and they will let go right away.

Amy said...

Wow, only three days til you head over here to NZ! That crept up fast.

I don't know how weird you'll think me but if there's anything I can help with in my capacity as a proud Auckland inhabitant, let me know!

(But please don't set fire to our wetas!)

marcandorkylie said...

Wow Julie, you sure are poster extraordinaire the last few days! Thanks for sending us the pictures of Niko, they look great! Enjoy your last day in Canada!!! AHHHHHH!

gillian said...

My fav G-family discgolf moment would probably trying to hit the front door of the Lutheran Church from your (old) front lawn across 6th ave in a busy-ish time... those were the days...