Friday, November 23, 2007

Convocation Fantastication

So, I can now say that I am fully, completely, and officially a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Let's review the checklist for a moment, shall we?
Graduate from classes: Check.
Complete practicums (is plural practici?) : Check.
Complete giant final project (like a mini thesis) : Check.
Write and PASS the National Certification exam: Check.
Convocate and hold the degree in my hand: CHECK (as of November 22)!!!!

Here's a little summary of November 22 Convocation:

9am plan: meeting 4 good friends for brekky.
9am: Ann-Marie and I arrive promptly for our 9:00 date.
9:35am: still just Ann-Marie and I there.
Approx 9:36am : phone Lyndsay. Her plane got delayed so she won't make it.
Approx 9:37 : phone Christie. Her car ran out of gas. She'll be late.
We had no cell number for Kendra.

Finally Christie showed up and we had a small (yet pleasant!) gathering. Immediately following brekky, the three of us headed to the University book store to pick up our convocation packages. Christie couldn't join us later on in the day for the actual convo, so we made sure to get photos pronto. Christie and I have a picture at our graduation from the University of Lethbridge together (with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) and we needed to complete our series of convocation photos (otherwise one picture makes a pretty lame-o series).

U or L convocation (2005) :

U 0f A convocation (2007) :

We piled on the cheese for this classic shot.

3pm: Convocation

L to R: Lynds, Nancy, Ann-Marie, JT, Kendra.

My biggest fans:

I was surprised to see that my cousin was also convocating! U of A is big, okay. And we were in totally different departments. Ben graduated with a Masters of Art in History:

Uncle Tom & Aunt Janet were with Ben, so chock up three extra hugs for Julie!

THEN we saw the Laarman's (good friends from Lethy) b/c Eva was convocating too (who knew??), and the Friggstad's (b/c Zac was convocating too!). MY WORD, I got WAY more hugs than I expected. I love hugs. I'm a huggy kind of a girl.

Then we went home to whip up a yummy little sup sup.

The NEXT day was also extremely fun-filled. In the morning my parents and I went for a lovely run through the River Valley, then Kendra and her parents came over for coffee:

What a genuinely great family the Kramer clan is!

After doing some serious material shopping for Clynie's wedding, Carlynne, Dan, Mom, Dad, Lowell and I went to Joey Tomatos for din din. After being told on the phone that we'd have a 25-45 minute wait, we arrived only to face a 1.5 to 2 hour wait. Yeesh. Oh well, we went down the street to the Second Cup, had yummy bevies, strolled back to Joey's, sat and waited...and waited...and waited...

At The Second Cup.

Notice how we are saving seats for other valued customers at Joey's. We are only using HALF the amount of chairs we could potentially be using!

And finally ate:

Then the 'rents and Lowell and I walked through the "Bright Lights" display at Hawrelack Park in Edmonton. Such a festive stroll through the park!

Next Lowell and I are off to Carstairs for Steve & Alison's wedding. (Alison is Lowell's cousin, and Steve was the young man who sang as a surprise for Lowell at our wedding).

What a keeee-razily splendid long (for us) weekend!!


Zab said...

Congrats julie! You do me proud missy! Its great to have well marked occasions for ends and begginings.

Avery said...

Congrats Julie!! Sounds like you have a packed weekend! I guess I'll see you on our next group run! Tara and I will be thinking of you on our run!

shareen said...

awww, now I feel a little bit like I was there. thanks for the pictures and the fantastic story-telling. miss you!

Tracy said...

Congratulations JULIE!!! It must feel absolutely amazing to be finished :)

I finally become a teacher on Dec. 14! So I'm looking forward to all the hugs I get at grad too ;)

Sounds like you had a wonderful grad weekend :)

P.S. I tried the cream to butter thing - I gave up and put it in the kitchenaid mixer! long did it take for you to shake by hand? I'm afraid the kids wont be able to get it to the butter stage?? How did yours do with it?

Shelley said...

congratulations!! All your hard work has paid off.

Susan said...

Congrats Julie!!

Angella said...


CARLA said...

The plural of practicum is practica. I know because I did a couple of my own. Congrats on graduating!

Katie said...

CONGRATS JULIE! My cousin in England is also a Speech Language Pathologist.

Are you going to go for your Masters now?

Have a great day!

Katie said...

CONGRATS JULIE! My cousin in England is also a Speech Language Pathologist.

Are you going to go for your Masters now?

Have a great day!

Lowell & Julie said...

Hi Katie,

Sooooo cool that you lived in Kenya. Shareen (my older sister) and I are the only ones in the fam who have yet to go there!

I actually just finished the Masters program. My degree was a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology.

Je suis fini!!!!

Jana said...

Hey Julie... congratulations!

And just for future reference CBC uses practicums...

So does the Chronicle of Higher Education at

I would go with practicums.

The only reason I have this handy reference material in place is because I recently faced the same dilemma as editor for a U of L publication...

Bloggy Mama said...

Yay to being done and edu-ma-cated. Congratulations!

Bloggy Mama said...

Okay, I feel like I am mising somethings... There's pregnancy ticker on your blog that's at 1705 days? Is that a joke to say how far away it will be before you have kids? Trying to keep the questions down?

baby advice said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Julie! I love the big candle light thing - I can't wait to go for Christmas light walks. It needs to be snowing though - here is mostly rains. I was surprised that you didn't include being able to say Speech Language Pathologist 5 times fast without lisping as a prerequisite for graduation! I always figured that would be a better test! Hope all is happy!

P.S. I LOVE your red cooking dress!