Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shaka Shaka... et VOILA!

This afternoon, Lowell and I took a few steps back in time and made our own butter.

1. Pour the cream into the jar.

2. Display said cream in said jar.

3. Shaka shaka la cream.

4. Et voila: BUTTER!

5. Transfer new butter to old butter container.

6. Spread on bread.

7. And ENJOY!!! MMmmmmm... yummm.....

Tomorrow I intend to make butter with my preschool kiddies (while incorporating language goals of course). We're on the farm unit, you know. Butter's made from cream, cream comes from cows, and cows live on farms. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, that is cool! Reminds me of school days gone by!
Nice hair Lowell!
Mum :)

Tracy said...

Great idea! I just might steal it! I am doing an animal themed unit right now with my grade twos and we are going to learn about how animals help us - hello butter!!!!

Was it tastey?

Anonymous said...

I tried to maul you with my purse on Sunday. You didn't even notice and kept walking. I was sad.

Lowell & Julie said...

Tracy- Yes, the butter was tasty! We had it for snack on stoned wheat thins. The kiddies loved it (as did I of course).

Liane, I'm so relieved that that was you touching my bum. I felt pressure on my rear, whipped around and saw a dude looking at me so I opted to ignore the situation and continue on our mission (to grab CDs from Lowell's coat to bring to a woman we know at church). PHEWF I'm glad that was you... but I'm sorry I jilted you. So here's an extra cheery hello for you: HELLLLLOOOOO LIANE!!!!! =)

Bloggy Mama said...

Fun! I know of a Mom who made organic butter from... I forget what special kind of cream. Too fun!

Anonymous said...

You dont know me, and my name is Katie and I live in Bakersfield, California and I love your blog!

You seem to be a fun and cute couple! When is your baby due?

Lowell & Julie said...

Hi Katie- I love new blog friends!

Our baby countdown is set for 5 years. We had our wedding countdown up there, and the spot seemed lonely when the wedding countdown was over, soooo we threw in a baby one. The "due date" is for exactly 5 years from when we got married. We're just being silly:)

Katie said...

Awww ... I think thats a good idea!
By the way, I love your birthday rap too.

I also visited your brother and his wife's blog and I loved their pictures ... kinda reminded me of home :( I was born and raised in Kenya and yes, I did visit Zanzibar in my teenage years. I LOVE that place! You can smell the cloves in the air :)

Gotta go! Talk to you later!

christy said...

I loooove homemade butta. i always make it by accident by overwhipping. Ooops. It;s a pretty high class mistake though.