Friday, August 07, 2015

Taylor Swift. IT HAPPENED!

When I initially heard that Taylor Swift was going to be in Alberta, I knew I had to be there. However, the week of ticket sales coincided with baby Colbie's death, and everything non-Colbie/family related-- including Taylor Swift-- flew off my radar. Not surprisingly, tickets sold out immediately, and I missed out. I was disappointed but assured myself that I would catch her next time she was in the province. Then my cousin, Liz, and I discovered our Taylor Swift bond and soul sister status, and it became our mission to go... even though tickets were sold out. AGAIN, we came up blank. I had given up hope on going when Liz texted me a picture of tickets on Monday night and said "It's happening." On WEDNESDAY!


Nana & Papa swooped to the rescue ONCE AGAIN so Lowell didn't have to take time off work, and on Wednesday morning Liz and Julie's Adventure began!

I drove to Calgary to pick Liz up, then we headed to Edmonton. Obligatory gas and McCafe stops en route.

We were gone for 24 hours, and we each brought a legit suitcase. Seriously. A girl's gotta have options!
We were so pumped and giddy. The entire time.

We were planning to dine at Matahari (a favourite Southeast Asian joint in downtown Edmonton) pre-concert, but concluded that McDonald's takeout on the LRT would be preferable as we opted to avoid any anxiety of possibly being tardy for Tay Tay. We headed straight to our sleeping quarters (thanks Sandra & Martin!) to get ready then boogied to the LRT. Via McDonald's of course. We like to keep it classy!

That poor McDonald's employee had NO clue she was being photographed. Apologies.

I basically threw out my back dodging the closing train doors, but we made it on the train that was at the platform upon our arrival. As it started to move, we second guessed that we were on the right train, so Liz asked a young man if that train stopped at the colosseum. The words were barely out of her mouth when it was announced that the next stop was the colosseum. Liz-- whose face remained three inches from the dude's, and finger lingered pointed at him-- then informed the man that "yes. This train does stop at the colosseum." Oh man. I just about peed my pants laughing, and I still giggle when I think about it. That guy thought we were cray cray for sure.

We were on the LRT for a total of about 20 seconds when we arrived at the colosseum. We were like 2 hours early for the concert, but hey. We were without Lowell & Theo (the geographically-inclined, primary navigators in our households) and we didn't want to take any chances.

The emotions started to hit us when we were standing just outside Rexall Place. Swifties were all abuzz and Taylor's music was blasting. Liz and I both had an "I can't believe we're here" moment and had to wipe a few tears from our eyes.

After that little emotional interlude, we were back to being intensely excited.
A lady from Virgin Radio approached us and asked if we'd like to use Twitter for a chance to win upgraded seats. We were both like "what's Twitter?" haha. Just kidding. I do have an account, but I didn't know the password, and Liz was a true Twitter virgin through and through. After we made our way into the venue and through another emotional moment as we first caught sight of the stage, we spent like 30 minutes getting ourselves onto Twitter and tweeting our attempts for upgraded seats. We didn't win the upgrade, but at least we know how to tweet now. Sort of.

We were a tad bit excited.

This is as close as we got to getting a picture WITH T Swizzle!

And also hungry. 

These concert people really like to build the anticipation. We kept thinking Taylor was going to start, but instead Vance Joy sang. Then we thought he was done, but he swapped guitars... twice. (Don't get me wrong, he was so awesome, we were just SUPER anxious for Taylor). Then the lights came back on and people were fiddling with the stage, and we were all WHERE'S TAYLOR? She finally came out singing "Welcome to New York" and it was a beautiful thing. Worth the wait. More glistening eyes to be sure.

For SURE the kijiji people that sold us these tickets made money off of us with these section 235, row 35 seats, but we didn't even care. We were THERE.

Everyone was given a bracelet that lit up all coordinated and cool.

Oh Gosh, Taylor is just so extraordinary. She did in fact have back up dancers and other such stage effects going on, but she didn't need it. I actually didn't even notice others on stage until like the third song. It took all my mental and emotional energy to alternate between staring at her in real life and on the big screen. I consciously thought to myself that I should watch what else was going on on stage, and intentionally altered my gaze... but quickly changed my mind and continued to focus on Taylor. She's just so mesmerizing.... and those LEGS. They go on for like 4 miles. Okay I will stop... I MAY have a small crush.

The show was amazing, and the people-watching was also entertaining. Let me tell you... Swifties can be intense. We were more the fully-clothed-85-year-old-women-with-orthotics-and-binoculars type of fans. We have a healthy appreciation and respect for Taylor Swift and her creativity and talent, and we had huge smiles plastered on our faces the entire time... but we were not wearing sandwich boards and/or lit up like Christmas trees. Although I have to say... after watching her in concert, I'm one step closer to intense, borderline creepy fandom.

So sad it was over.
Our state of hyperness did not dissipate in the morning for our drive home (blasting Taylor Swift and drinking lattes).

Showing off our Swiftie bracelets before hitting the road!

I assure you that others at the gas station thought I was super cool and not at all mentally unstable.
 In a 24-hour time period, there was much driving (~11-12 hours), many McCafe beverages, tons of giggling, loads of Taylor Swift, and very little sleep. That's what the best spontaneous road trips are made of, no? That, and the perfect adventure buddy... thanks Lizzie-Lou!

First thing this morning, one of my children went diarrhea in his undies, and the other had peed through all of his bedding. HELLO REALITY! haha.

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Chelsea said...

AWESOME! I am so, so, so happy for you guys! Looks like you had a blast, and coined a new term - Swifties! Love it!