Saturday, August 08, 2015

Fraser's first triathlon!

Fraser completed his FIRST EVER triathlon today, and we couldn't be more proud... especially considering he's THREE! Or rather, "three and three torters" as he would say. The event was held in the small Southern Albertan town of Raymond- where I just happened to work when pregnant with Fraser. Well fancy that!

The cutest body marking experience ever.

Setting up transition!

This little bike hanging from the bar just kills me. So tiny and cute.
The swim was 100m long... four lengths. Fraser recently had swimming lessons every day for two weeks straight, so we were confident that-- with a life jacket on-- he would have no problem completing it. Speed was not our goal... just enjoyment and survival. It took him about 10 minutes. He had a few speedy spurts but otherwise took his sweet time and remained mostly vertical while fully enjoying the scenery around him... including the slide, climbing wall, and kiddie area that were surely calling his name.

Getting ready for the swim!
Daddy, Nana & Papa were photographers, and Stefan was Fraser's number one cheerleader!

Canon ball! I love the contrast between his obnoxious entrance and the cute little girl's timid entrance.
The event organizers allowed Fraser to be in the outside lane so I could be right beside him the entire way...

After helping him out of the pool, he knew to run through the pylons to the transition area... brilliant child (we keep the bar low. haha).

Getting ready for the bike.

If those shoes aren't the cutest things you've ever seen, I don't know what is. They're the same as Daddy's but much tinier and cuter.

I had my bike hiding around the corner, so as soon as he got going, I grabbed my bike and pedalled hard to catch up. Biking is Fraser's big strength and love. He nailed the pedal bike (sans training wheels) on his second true attempt, and went 20km on his first legit bike ride. This 2.5km ride was peanuts to him. There's no way I could keep up with him on foot, so I brought my big mama bike along!

I wore my super athletic-looking denim shorts so I could keep my phone in my pocket and snap a few photogs en route. Boy am I glad I did... Fraser was LOVIN it.

Almost done the bike!

After ditching my mom machine on the side of the road, I ran like heck to catch up with the little speed demon, and get him ready for the run!

The run was 1km long and consisted of small sprint bursts, drinking two full cups of water, and giggling.

I think he liked it.

As we were approaching the finish line, I encouraged him to go ahead of me and soak in the glory. I pointed him in the right direction then went off to the side.

This was the moment-- RIGHT before the finish line-- when he turned around and was like 'Where's mom?!' haha.

As soon as Fraser crossed the line, he enthusiastically stated "I'll do my next triathlon next year!" Then proceeded to inform us that next year he would do seven triathlons. He'll be keeping us busy apparently!

SO proud of my boy for totally crushing his first triathlon. He was competing against kids up to age ten, and didn't even get last!! He finished in under 40 minutes and had a respectable 19th place finish (out of 20 competitors- hehe). Way to go, bud! When I asked him what his favourite part was (between the swim, bike, and run), he replied, "ALL of them!"

Next weekend I'll be doing a triathlon tethered to Lowell (for funsies)... we'll see how that experience compares ;).

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