Saturday, August 01, 2015

It's a triathlon bromance!

Lowell and his all-star friend/guide, Warren, completed their first tethered triathlon! While very much considered a training race, the boys raced fairly seamlessly, and spectators were surprised to learn that it was their first triathlon together. My heart may have been beating out of my chest with pride.

The swim.

The boys were genuinely confused as to why the racers weren't using the slide. Because duh... IT'S A SLIDE!
It was a lane swim, so Lowell and Warren opted not to tether as they chose to avoid strangulation. Instead, Warren kept his eyes on Lowell and the lane, and tapped his arm when they approached the wall. Good thing too because Lowell is fairly confident he would have sustained a few head injuries without the warning.

The arm tap.
"Don't mind me. I can't help that I'm adorable no matter where I am or what I'm doing."
Our little cheering squad... Lowell & Warren's number one fan club!
Leaving the swim and heading into the bike.

Jacked. I zoomed in on this for your (everyone's) benefit. You're welcome.

The bike. This is only the third time they've been on the tandem together, and the first time I've witnessed it. I was very impressed by their fluidity! Apparently I could take a few notes from Warren as it took me like a thousand kilometres before I looked/felt that confident/competent captaining the tandem with Lowell (I wish I was kidding).

The run.

The hands! Love it.


Fraser and Stefan have quite the role models to look up to! When I recently told Fraser that daddy was training for a swim-bike-run race, he gave me a 'duh' look and responded flatly, "It's called a triathlon, mommy." Well alrighty then... I will no longer dumb down the terminology for the two and three-year olds!

My parents joined the boys and me as we cheered Lowell & Warren on, and I loved every second of it. So perfect.

I hope you're not sick of hearing about Lowell & Warren's endeavours because there are more races in the coming weeks, and I'll never get sick of over-photographing them and bragging my head off!


Chelsea said...

LOVE this! You are not alone in your pride, Julie. Well done, Lowell and Warren! And an amazing job in the support section, Julie, Fraser and Stefan. You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys. Great 1st race together.