Saturday, September 13, 2014

ROOM MAKE-OVER: big boy edition.

Directly on the heels of completing Stefan's room/the office, I became inspired to say good-bye to Fraser's baby room and hello to Fraser and Stefan's BIG boy room. Sort of makes it seem like Stefan's room project was a colossal waste of time, but fear not... it still functions as an office/reading/play area. Plus, the play pen is set up in there as it's still Stef's napping room. (They nap in separate rooms because they sleep sooner and longer that way and baaaaasically that means their mama gets a better nap and is less grouchy. hehe. Every once in a blue moon I still manage to out-wit my one and two-year old children).

See? Proof that the office/reading/play room still oozes awesomeness. (And yes... we broke down and re-painted it since the make-over... cue Julie's happy dance).

Let's dive into the boys' room!

The initial motivation to re-do Fraser's room was that at two and three quarters (or "two and tree torters" as Fraser would say), it was possibly time to move the Frase-man to a big boy bed. The bed was mine growing up, and in fact the only bed I ever slept in as a single gal... so fun that my child is now using it!

The decor/theme inspiration came with the quilt. I saw the quilt, I liked it, I bought it. Pretty simple process, folks.

Airplanes? Okay then. We'll go with an aviator theme.

I then found paint to match the quilt.

I wanted a feature wall- something I could do myself but wasn't totally the most common thing on the face of the planet. Stripes are easy but they're also popular. But stripes of varying sizes? I like to think that they're much less common and more unique... yet still simple.

Before I dove into the paint job, we took some pictures of the boys with the zebra wall, then I shed a few tears (like, actual literal tears) as I prepared to paint over it. I LOVED the zebra wall (thanks Rhonda!), but it was time for a change (sniff, sniff).

Fraser kissing his beloved zebra wall buh-bye.

Tears. Shed.
Pardon the pun, but this decal was a pain in the butt to remove (hehehe)...

Paint job done.

I saw the sign, I liked it, I bought it.

Now to get themey. I got my hands on some aviator hats and went nuts with the ol camera. Helloooooo feature pictures!

The picture above the crib was taken by our friend Danielle while she was hanging with the fam. Thanks Dan!

When touring this room, a friend- noticing the extraordinarily plain crib set up- asked, "Where does Stefan sleep?" Ummm, in the allegedly super boring crib. haha! He's warm in his sleep sac, and his stuffy and water bottle seem to keep him sufficiently content. But in any case, sorry about the lack of crib fanfare, Stef. ;)
Once again, my lovely friend Tiffany is to thank for the frames. Her frames have definitely taken over our home and I LOVE it. is where you can check out her delightfully beautiful products.

I saw the airplane clock, I liked it, I bought it.

Also, it totally matched the room and is- hello- an AIRPLANE, so obviously the purchase was necessary. Some might even argue providential.

The shelf. It was an old one of ours which I painted then put cute books on.

The chair. When we put the bed in the corner, there was kind of an awkward space between the bed and the closet, so I mentioned to my mom that perhaps there was a old chair that I could paint and place there. Lo and behold, my mama was hanging on to this chair that belonged to my grandparents. I painted it up right nice, and it works perfectly. Plus, my grandparents are now represented in the room- win win!

The dresser. This was the antique dresser that I got a killer deal on when refinishing Stefan's former room, so we just dragged it right down the hall to it's new little home.

F-R-A-S-E-R blocks. They were a gift from our friends Kim & Greg when Fraser was born, and they're the only thing that survived the room transition... way to go Kim & Greg ;). Now we should probably get our hands on some S-T-E-F-A-N blocks lest the youngest begin to develop a complex (this is not a hint, Kim & Greg...  hahaha... but if you could advise as to where such blocks could be purchased, we would be forever grateful)!

Et voila.

And now some pictures that Danielle took of us enjoying the room as a family...

hahaha! This is a common sighting in our household.

We're still waiting on a red vintage hanging airplane for the corner above the dresser, then it will be DONE done. That is until I become inspired again... haha (sorry Lowell). This painting/project business has become somewhat of a disease. And a highly contagious disease at that. My pal, Chelsea, and I take turns burning ourselves out with projects, claiming that we're sick of it, swearing off painting for life... then promptly becoming re-inspired after seeing (or even hearing about) the other's recently completed project. It's a sickness (and I think our husbands will agree), but at least it's a fun sickness that results in pretty things!

Feb 2015 edited to add...

We finally got the big hangy vintage airplane thingy! And Kim & Greg responded to our super subtle non-hint, and sent us 'Stefan' blocks. AND Danielle found us a perfect little red wooden airplane. THANKS GUYS! So here it is... the room is FINALLY complete.

Thanks Kim & Greg!
Thanks Danielle!
And that's a wrap, folks! Until we transition the boys to bunk beds... ;)


Chelsea said...

You know how much I LOVE this room, (and all your other projects, for that matter) but unfortunately, I don't have time to gush, I suddenly have an urge to dash off and paint something! It looks so great. :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Bahaha! Well, I look forward to seeing whatever it is that you spontaneously painted... and then I will return home and get goin on my next project. ;)