Monday, September 01, 2014

Pre-Ottawa summer shenanigans!

Is it seeeeeeriously already September? Well, I better hike up my socks and begin the binge blogging because MAN do I have pictures to share, stories to tell, projects to show off, and adorable children to brag about.

So, let's begin this 'Pre-Ottawa' post with the arrival of Marc & Kylie's baby Levi... not just in Lethbridge, but into the world. You can read Kylie's post about his entertaining arrival here, but let me sum up. Two weeks before Levi's due date, Marc & Kylie were en route to Lethbridge (where they planned to birth the babe) when Levi decided that he wanted to be a BC resident like his brothers, and made his appearance in random Revelstoke, BC. After a brief hospital stay (like, I'm talking 5 hours here, folks), the newly expanded G clan left the hospital and met my parents in Golden, BC where Nana & Papa collected big bros Ty & Zeke to bring to Lethbridge. Meanwhile, Marc, Kylie & Levi headed to Canmore for the most relaxing/luxurious night one can possibly have with an under 24-hour old child. DO check out Kylie's version of the events. After all, she IS the mom and she was in fact there.

When Marc & Kylie initially mentioned the possibility of birthing the babe in Lethbridge, I attempted to further sway their decision with the promise/bribe of cake pops. While technically they didn't hold up their end of the bargain, I still delivered. Ladies and gentlemen, straight from the recesses of my somewhat twisted brain... boobie pops. And in an effort to confirm that they are totally non-sexual boobie pops, they are displayed on a diaper cake.

heeheehee. In the event that you needed a visual.
Zekie was really only content when he was double fisting the cake pops AND had one in his mouth.

See? He doesn't have one in his mouth here, so he's not completely satisfied.
Extra cake pops sans nipples were re-purposed into faces.

The kids LOVED them.

 As did the adults.

This one is our "don't do drugs" pop.
Boobie/face pops aside, much fun was had with the G clan. Playhouse! Sand box! Parks! Dog runs! Canada Day festivities! Bike rides! Tree climbing! Oh the fun.

Papa and his guitar are always a huge hit with the grandkids!
Fraser admiring sleeping baby zebra cousin on the table.
Cousins Ty & Fraser being adorable.
Nana helping Zeke & Stefan with the slides.

Zekie had the eye sticker on his forehead for- no joke- three solid days.
Tree climbing with Uncle Marc!
These two took turns giving each other zerberts (look it up, it's an actual word) foreeeeever.

Stefan got himself trapped in this chair and thought it was pretty hilarious!

Canada Day!

Park fun with cousin Olivia!

Can you count all the people in this picture? Sneaky sneaky!

Yes, that's a Bounce sheet on Stef's back. Rumour has it that those suckers deter mosquitoes!

En route to the DOG RUN! Just as much a little-boy-run I'd say.

June also brought a T family get-together as we gathered to celebrate Elise's dedication with Ryan and Julie Anne.

Elise with Pastor George.
The sky started doing super cool things, and the kids were all fantastically cute... so obviously the camera had to make an appearance.

Stefan was the only one who clearly did not understand the very important concept of candy bribery.
Emily & Fraser storm chasing!
We don't usually plop our kids in the middle of the highway and take pictures... only in semi-deserted hamlets with the bribery of fuzzy peaches to never go on the road without grown-ups.

We have super beautiful nieces, as you will notice...

I love this because it is such a typical and realistic family shot. Parents flashing beautiful pearly whites while the kids... are busy being kids! haha

And with that gargantuous collection of photos,  pre-Ottawa family fun time is done. Now to dust off my brain cells and dive into 'post-Ottawa' and other bits and bobs!

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marcandorkylie said...

awesome pics! fun to see your version. glad we were there.