Sunday, September 07, 2014

Family Photos: summer 2014 edition

Our lovely (and not to mention super talented behind the lens) friend, Danielle, snapped some shots of us this summer. The boys were pure smiles and delight... when the camera wasn't pointed in their direction. Ha! I blame myself. I'm convinced I have created somewhat of an aversion with my obsession of documenting every single second of their lives. Danielle still managed to capture a bunch of gems though, and these are our favourites...

For real. This happened. The plan was that they would smile pretty for the camera while we did a little kissing, but you know how it goes... monkey see monkey do!

Nana & Papa!

Oops- Stefan started losing his marbles in this position. ;)

These were some kind of crazy dandelion thingies that were IMPOSSIBLE to blow apart! I nearly gave myself a hernia trying.

This is my favourite... too bad Lowell's eyes are closed. Haha!

Thanks Danielle! You're a real doll. ;)

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