Sunday, January 27, 2013

week 28 - racquetball racket

Week 28 and baby Kiwi is about 15 inches long... much like the meshy part of a racquetball racket!

THIRD TRIMESTER! I can't believe I'm already in the third trimester. This pregnancy is going by sooooo fast. Too fast, actually. I greatly anticipate meeting this wee child who is so aggressively active in utero, but I'm also SO enjoying my time with Fraser right now (and not to mention the vast amounts of SLEEP he's allowing me).

La listy-loo:

1. I like to document Fraser's progress and milestones on this here blogeroo so I can look back later and see what was what and when. However, this 15th month of his has been RIDICULOUSLY packed with changes, so instead of boring y'all with details that I find enthralling, I've started my own personal "Fraser Diaries" so I need only share the bare minimum here. Like, that he uses about 50 words- some even in two word phrases ("more please"; "help please"). Also, I'm just tickled that he minds his Ps and Qs. He says "please" ("peez") and "thank you" ("da-do") regularly (at appropriate times) while flashing his charming smile.

(Fraser is donning a toque from Uncle Lando & Auntie Marti. Their sis-in-law, Bettina, made it... so cute.)

2. I feel very blessed that I only work two days a week at a wonderful job with fabulous people. We're also very lucky that Fraser enjoys his day care, they enjoy him, he gets to learn French, eat lots of yummy food, and play with his buddy, Liam. HOWEVER... I miss him. I love hanging out with that kid. The other day as I was tidying the kitchen while he was playing in the living room (aka the room with toys strewn about), things were awfully quiet so I went to check on him. I peeked around the corner to see him on the couch, holding the remote pointed towards the tv and looking back and forth between the remote and the tv- no doubt trying to get it on (which is kind of funny because he only really watched tv while the Olympics were on as we have a general no-screen-time-before-age-2 rule)...

I snapped a photo then subtly hung around the corner and texted it to Lowell. When I peeked again, he had given up with the remote and decided to read a book instead.

Oh my word. He looks, like, SIX!

Then it was bath time. And he pooped. In the tub. (Again). So mama scooped him out to drain and clean the tub, and patiently he waited (oh so apologetically)...

When he went back in, he started using an old shampoo bottle as a phone, saying "hello!" over and over again.

Oh my what an entertaining morning with my little nut!

3. I've been having this recurring dream that kiwi pokes a limb out so far that it actually bursts right through my stomach. In the most recent of these dreams, the foot was actually a hoof. Oh man. I'd be equally thrilled with a girl OR a boy. Not a combination thereof... and not part horse.

4. Carlynne might smack me upside the head when she sees I posted this (as I TECHNICALLY didn't ask permission as I usually do), but here's my fabulous twinnie at 20 weeks- halfway (and an embarrassing amount smaller than me!)...

Oooo fabulesso!!

Until next time...


Shelley said...

Aww...fraser looks SO apologetic for pooping in the tub. You look great! And so does Carlynne!

shareen said...

So cute. All of it. So. Dang. Cute.