Sunday, December 23, 2012

week 23 - football

At 23 weeks, baby Kiwi is just under a foot long.... much like a football.

I know I know, I shouldn't wear black against a black backdrop (I already got that loving lecture from Lowell), but I have so many cute black maternity tops (this one courtesy of Carianne), and I can hardly go 40 weeks without wearing ANY of them! So whatev, Bev. ;)

This week in summary:

1. Cute: Fraser had his first ever Christmas concert! He participated (by sitting there angelically and not actually really participating per se) in Jingle Bells en francais, as well as a french Christmassy version of Clap Your Hands. I think. That's what it sounded like with 'Ho Ho Hos" in it. You have to understand that I apparently comprehend limited French (although I speak/understand IMPECCABLE Franglais). I at least picked up SOME of what was going on, though, whereas poor Lowell- with zero exposure to French in his life- felt like he was in a different country. At any rate... adorable.

2. Also super cute: Fraser and Papa playing guitar and singing. Melts. My. Heart...

Speaking of my Dad, he had one of his classic funny "Dad" moments this week. While I was at my parents' place, he came bursting into the kitchen and pridefully announced (as if to demonstrate just how hip he and Mom are), "Guess what WE watched last night? Factor X!" Uh... do you mean 'X Factor', Dad? "Oh yes... that's right!" Amid gales of laughter, I confirmed that yes, Dad. You and Mom are VERY hip and cool!

3. Sadness: Lowell's Grandma T passed away rather suddenly and unexpectedly this week. She was the matriarch of the T clan, and we mourn her loss on earth, but are thrilled that she is rejoicing in heaven... and at Christmas to boot! A celebration of her life will be held in a few days, and we look forward to gathering with family to celebrate this wonderful woman that will be greatly missed.

(This is Lowell and Grandma looking through NZ pictures upon our return in 2009. 
Yes, Lowell looks exceptionally young!)

4. Excitement: This is the first time since we've all been married that EVERYONE in the G fam will be home for Christmas....EEEEEEEE! Now pardon me. We must go join the fam as we begin our Christmas festivities...

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