Sunday, December 16, 2012

week 22 - basketball

Okay, so I'll be honest with you. The diameter of a basketball is actually slightly smaller than a ping pong paddle (from week 21), but that whole 4-inch jump in size threw me off. As I explained last week, our sources measure the fetus from head to rump for the first 20 weeks, then start measuring head to toe at week 21. Meanwhile, I missed the most classic of sporting equipment including the soccer ball and basketball. The basketball is close ENOUGH in size (we're pretending it's nearly 11 inches), so I'm totally using it. Even though it's nasty and old and I swiped in from my parents' garage (and you'd think I could have at least had the decency to CLEAN it). Can't miss all the classic balls now can we?!

1. First of all, thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words. We felt overwhelmed by all the support we received and feel so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives. Now for the update!

I had an appointment with the specialist, Dr. D, this week and it was glorious. He was so positive and seemed largely unconcerned about the cyst and the Down's marker. The cyst- while significantly larger than it WAS- is still small and he's confident it won't require surgery before delivery. As for the Down's marker... while it nearly triples my chances of having a Down's baby, the odds are still definitely in our favour, and he seemed to think it was a non-issue. Well, if Mr. Doctor Man thinks it's a non-issue, then who am I to worry?! It's only at night when thoughts can plague me and keep me awake... but otherwise I'm feeling soooo much better!

The veins are nasty, but since I have no personal or family history of clotting, they should be fine as long as I wear the good ol support hose and put my feet up as much as I can.

As for the hips... oh the hips. They're started to seize/spasm on me again (ouchie), but it's certainly not life or death so I'll totally deal!

The only concern Dr. D had was about my previous tearing (he was the one to stitch me up). If I tear that bad or worse again (I had level 3 tearing with Fraser), I could be dealing with some permanent and nasty consequences (rectal incontinence for life... NO THANK YOU). By going the C-section route, I avoid tearing AND he can tackle the cyst at the same time. Brilliant... I'm totally on board. I'm actually really excited about it... perhaps unnaturally so!

2. Fraser got his picture taken with Santa! He was not so thrilled when I put him down... but you can see why. That beard is both ridiculous AND creepy!

Speaking of that little angel child of ours...
Fraser finally hit 22 pounds, 2 molars popped through and one more is on the way, and he's imitating and producing new words/sounds/signs (ball, please, thank you, num nums, yay, wow, puppy, down, yes, no, "mwah" when blowing/giving kisses etc) every day... and he dances on command! It's the cutest thing ever.

He also enjoys his little friends. He had a coffee date with his pal Keira, and they enjoyed sharing hugs...

3. Lowell ran his first winter half marathon on Saturday! It was a small local affair that his colleague helped organize. It was called Apocalypse Half Marathon 2012. The idea was that if the run didn't kill them, the Apocalypse might. Hehe. It was rather nippy out, but Lowell and our friend Ian were rarin to go!

One last snuggle with Dad before run time...

And they're off!

Nathania (Ian's wife) is also preggs, and we very much enjoyed our NON-running status. I know what you're thinking: 'Oh MAN she's beautiful!' Trust me, I think that every time I see her. Not a single flaw on that woman's face, I tell you...

All donesies...

4. I'm LOVING all the Christmas tunage on the radio. I love all Christmas songs so I never have to change the station. Oh wait... that was a lie. Ever since I heard a really painfully horrible karaoke version of "Christmas Shoes" at a "talent" show, I have a knee-jerk reaction when I hear it. Just can't do it... so I turn it off. Otherwise though.... I love love LOVE the Christmas music!

5. Before I sign off, I feel the need to clear with the blog world that we DO NOT KNOW the gender of our little Kiwi fetus! I think my diminished brain capacity has affected the clarity of my writing as I have received an embarrassing amount of messages from people who either think I'm having a girl or are just completely confused. I've been using feminine pronouns from day one as I really wanted a girl and was therefore convinced we were having one... but we really have no clue. And we'd totally be thrilled with a boy OR a girl. We have stellar names picked out, and there are definitely perks to having either gender!


Anonymous said...

Keira and Fraser's hugs-so sweet!
Mum :)

Anonymous said...

Keira and Fraser's hugs-so sweet!
Mum :)