Sunday, October 28, 2012

week 15 - cycling glove

4 inches! That's how long our little shining star is. That's approximately the width of cycling gloves... on MY hands, anyway. Shaquille O'Neal would have a slightly different story I think. 

1. The big news in the T family has been that Lowell's sister Julie Anne and her hubby Ryan are expecting a baby! Due June 1, 2013- just a few weeks after us, and we're PUMPED to have cuzzie babies so close! They shared the news when we were together at Fraser's dedication celebration. As my parents were taking family pictures for us, Julie Anne whipped out a sign and yelled "I'm pregnant!" and our expressions were captured on film. What a fantastically wonderful moment!!

2. This week, Carianne and I road-tripped it to Edmonton with the babes. As luck would have it, we woke up to a foot of snow and RIDICULOUS ICE on the morning of our departure. Severe weather warnings apparently could not stop us. Had I not had a conference beginning the next morning at 9am, we would've hunkered down with lattes in front of the fire place, but the conference wasn't about to be postponed on my account (the weather in Edmonton was fine), so we took the 500+ km trek. From Lethbridge to Calgary-ish was ridiculous. We slogged our way at 40-60km/hr (when the speed limit was 110 km/hr), but we made it! We had a little break at Balzac Mall (aka 'Malzac' according to the punny T family) where we fed the babies and recharged with caffeine.

We attempted to get a 2-person cart for the boys, but we couldn't. Surely we made it more difficult than it actually was because people use those things all the time. Anyhoo, we ended up with a one-person cart so Liam and Fraser took turns.

It was just as well when Liam was in it because Fraser preferred to wander in the direction of the mannequin breasts anyway.

Okay. Fast forward to Edmonton. Fraser and I spent the first night with Carianne and Liam at her in-laws (Chad, Britt & family), and they babysat Fraser the next day. Fraser loved the kids, and the kids loved Fraser! Sadly though- no pictures.

Next up was my friends Lyndsay & Steve in St. Albert. They have a little guy (Bennet) who's Fraser's age, and a little 3-year old named Natalie. Also lots of love going on around here! Natalie was especially entertaining. Example. She has four Mr. Potato Heads and did NOT want her brother playing with them- even when Lyndsay suggested that perhaps he could just play with one. After adamantly protesting, she walked right up to me and sweetly said, "Auntie Julie, do you think Fraser wants to play with a Mr. Potato Head? Auntie Julie... which one do you think he wants?" HAHA! Poor Bennet left in the dust.

What a sweet little adorable goof. I also loved that she started calling me Jules because her mama does!


We also had a short and sweet visit with my cousin's family, and once again, it was so fun watching Suzanne's 4 kidlets with Fraser.

 So to sum up. It was the quickest most jam-packed trip ever, we had a fabulous time with family and friends, I REALLY appreciate the babysitting time that Britt, Carianne & Lyndsay put in (despite having their own gremlins to look after), and I really enjoyed the intense 3-day conference and learned a lot of useful and applicable info. Of course the traveling company was also amazing! Carianne is a witty conversationalist, and also somewhat of a baby whisperer. Upset kiddies were immediately calmed with her singing. Miraculous. We arrived home on Friday night two minutes before midnight. Lowell had the house all cleaned up, my favourite Scentsy fragrance filling the air, and CHRISTMAS MUSIC! So sweet. Plus, Carianne had just had an epic slip on the ice, and I was still laughing out loud about it (it's okay, she's fine... bruised... but SHE started laughing before ME, so don't judge!)!

3. Kumeu seems to think that all of Fraser's wooden toys are fair game. But Fraser thinks that ALL of Kumeu's toys are also his, so it's a two-way street.

4. By the way, I have totally embraced the maternity clothes which makes me look less awkward and more pregnant. Woot!

5. Fraser is now 13 months old and a walking MACHINE. Constantly experimenting. He looks like a mummy walking around with his arms out, and it's so cute. He's getting very proficient!

6. It is amazing what kind of giant messes Fraser can make simply by pulling all the books off the shelves! Before mama put the books back...


7. My Baby Steps group (post natal version of prenatal classes) had a one-year birthday/Halloween party for our kiddies. They have all changed so much over the past year and it's been fun watching them actually notice each other and interact. They also looked pretty dang cute in their little costumes of course...

 Do you like Fraser's skeleton look? We can thank Auntie Shareen for that! It's even glow in the dark... for real. When he's in his sleep sack in bed (as they are indeed PJs), I can only see arm bones waving around... pretty funny!

Over and out!


Alisha said...

Your family's witticism is a lot cleaner than mine. We have a slightly different nickname for the Balzac Mall.... Did you take Fraser to Bass Pro to look at the animals?

Anonymous said...

Please make sure your book shelves are attached to your walls. Now that Fraser is standing up, and pulling books off the bottom shelves, they will be top heavy, and can tip on him. Or those large pictures can come crashing down on his sweet head.
A reader who cares

Lowell & Julie said...

Alisha- we didn't make it to the animals! We'll scare him with those next time! ;)

Thanks for your concern Reader who Cares! It's totally on our radar and we're hoping to bolt them to the wall soon!!

Lowell & Julie said...

Alisha- we didn't make it to the animals! We'll scare him with those next time! ;)

Thanks for your concern Reader who Cares! It's totally on our radar and we're hoping to bolt them to the wall soon!!