Sunday, October 14, 2012

week 13 - tennis ball

The official "week change" is on Fridays, but is anyone offended if we update on Sundays? No? Super.

I had been hoping to delay or avoid implementation of the list system, but my thoughts are just so random that I don’t see that I have a choice!

1. Is it just me, or does it seem like we reached the tennis ball size REALLY fast?!

2. It’s been a big few weeks for Fraser! Two weeks ago was his birthday, last week was his first Thanksgiving where he got to EAT THE FOOD (and loved it, by the way), and this weekend marks a special weekend for us as Fraser dear was dedicated in our church. We were so blessed by friends and family who came to witness it, and, obviously, it called for a wee post-dedication celebration. As this weekend is about celebrating Fraser, I was hoping to have his one-year video completed, but apparently I haven’t been together enough to make that happen. Ah well, it’s already 2 weeks late, what’s another week or two…

Can I appease you with his Thanksgiving shot?

  He was a little more into it than LAST Thanksgiving’s photo…

Here are a few shots of the dedication. Fraser was looking pretty spiffy (well, minus the SLIPPERS)...

What a big boy being so attentive to Pastor Ian's sermon!

 I hornswaggled Shareen into making vanilla slices as a post-church/pre-lunch dessert (very dutch). They were sooooo yummy...

Fraser had a good time with his pals Liam & Nico...

 Most of Lowell's family was able to come which was so wicked awesome!

Aaaaaand our little family shot. Fraser was beyond tired by this point, but hey- he still looks sharp in the vest and tie borrowed from Nico!

3. I am fully aware that Fraser is in dire need of a haircut. HOWEVER… I couldn’t cut it before his birthday because that would have looked silly on his aging video, and I’m now waiting until after Halloween because he and Nico have plans. Plans that require as much hair as they can possibly muster by that point. After THAT, however, I WILL cut it (unless some other reason/occasion pops up that gives me pause as, yes, it will indeed break my heart to chop off his adorably shaggy locks)!

His little rooster hair is just too darn cute. This was him (well, his hair anyway) this summer…

 4. April 20th. Our due date. Not only is it Hitler’s birthday, but also National Pot Smoking Day AND the Anniversary of the Columbine shootings. What a horrible day! It’s also the birthday of our PASTOR and our missionary friend, Becky, though… so surely that evens things out? However, no offense to the 20th, but I AM hoping that this child will be born on the 13th or the 28th. All the special occasions (literally…. ALL of them) in our little family land on those two numbers, so it would just WORK!

5.  I dislike acne (on me.... on other people it's fine).

6. Auntie Shareen and Uncle Craig have moved to Medicine Hat (i.e., a 2 hour drive rather than a 12-hour drive plus a ferry ride away). It’s been SO NICE having them so close! Craig is super busy coaching the college basketball team, but we’ve enjoyed spending tons of time with Shareen. Their doggie, Maggie, and Kums get along famously, and Shareen has also been a huge help (and not just with Fraser). Fraser sure loves Auntie Shareen!!

 And so do I...

7. Wee Fraser update. He has plateaued at 21 lbs (and here I thought he was at least 22 lbs), he took 4 little steps on his own (between Lowell and me), he popped his 8th tooth, and he became a little beaver in his crib. I had totally planned to have a crib cover on before he started eating furniture, but WHOOPS!

Also, we’re pretty sure Fraser knows “Mama” and “Dada”!! He says them a lot, but we weren’t sure they were specific to us. However, when he was recently with Nana and Auntie Shareen, he pointed to a picture of Lowell and said “Dada”, then they asked where Mama was, and he pointed to a picture of me. MULTIPLE TIMES! Oh my little language-developing machine!!

8. Fraser is sleeping 11-12 hours every night which is AWESOME! I'm a little bummed, however, that my silly body won't let me cash in on it. I'm not uncomfortable, my bladder doesn't wake me up THAT often, but somehow- every single night- I lay in bed wide awake for at least 2 hours, then I'm up for the day by 6am (if not 4:30 or 5). So forgive me if I crash at 8pm!

  9. Our childhood BFF got married yesterday. Jacqui is 12 days older than us, and grew up across the alley. We were inseparable during our growing up years, and Jacqui spent the first 12 years of her life as a twin sandwich (i.e., between us). Carlynne was unable to come for the wedding, but we were there… and she was stunning and it was a beautiful day! SO happy for Jacqui and Chris!

10. Oh yes. Yesterday Carlynne and I turned 30. Well, TECHNICALLY. We are not acknowledging this fact, however, until we are TOGETHER in VEGAS with CELINE DION….which, by the way, is happening in February! We’re very excited about the concert, but we’d also love some hangout time with just her, so, you know, if you know her, could you put in a good word? Let her know that she could make a set of 30-year old twins VEEEEERRRRRRRY happy??!

I still got spoiled all weekend long even though I thought the day was kind of not going to exist. I spent tons of time with friends and family, got some amazing prezzies, and obviously cashed in on my free Starbucks birthday bevvy with the hubs!

This amazing little treat was Mandy & Graham's contribution to the big 3-0... haha!

Until next time...


Angela Carnegie said...

It's funny how hard that first haircut is for our babies. Funny but true, can't explain it!

Anonymous said...

A Belated Happy Birthday, Julie and congratulations to both of you on the coming addition to your family!! You are sooo blessed and Fraser is the cutest little guy! And he has awesome parents!!
Love reading your blogs, keep them coming!!! Love, Janny Wisse.