Sunday, October 21, 2012

week 14 - baseball

A baseball. I feel like a baseball is already a fairly large piece of sporting equipment considering we still have 26 weeks to go. And we've already missed out on some good ones that we brainstormed. Dang. This has the potential to get a little ridiculous me thinks!

1. Fraser started walking! He took his first legitimate, unassisted steps on Thursday, and he's already in constant experimentation mode (which is, by the way, extremely entertaining). It's so strange plugging away in the kitchen and seeing him WALKING out of the corner of my eye! Very surreal. These 15 steps were his third attempt completely unassisted... pretty impressive!

2. Fraser went to his first basketball game! Uncle Craig's team was playing in Lethbridge, so we cashed in on the action. It was his bed time, so he was pretty sleepy, but SO fascinated. He sat completely still and just stared the entire time. And Craig's team won! I like to think that the cute little fan had a little something to do with that.

3. Fraser is now front facing in his car seat... and loving it! I love it too. It's so cute to glance back and actually SEE HIS FACE!

4. Is it too early to be playing Christmas music? I think not. And in other news... WHEN ARE THE EGGNOG LATTES COMING??!!

5. I had an ultrasound this week (to monitor the disgusting cyst situation- or shall I say, the "cystuation" hehehe), and the tech gave me a glimpse of the babe. "Your baby takes a pretty darn good picture if I do say so myself"- straight from the mouth of the tech man! I happen to agree. It's so amazing to see everything there and all the working little parts at only 14 weeks. Little miracles, I tell you. It suddenly made things seem a lot more real. This pregnancy has been different from Fraser's in the sense that I'm less consumed by it (probably because it's not as novel and I have Fraser to steal away all my attention this time around). Seeing the babe in her fine form was a good reminder to me (as if the nausea/insomnia/exhaustion hasn't been enough) that YES INDEEDY! I have another baby in there! ROUND TWO HERE WE COME!

6. Fraser had an Ophthalmology appointment at the same time as Lowell this week- which I thought was just the cutest thing ever. He didn't have the test for Retinitis Pigmentosa done, but theoretically, he should be in the clear. Otherwise... things looked good!

7. You know those Costco-sized snack mixes with doritos, sunchips, and pretzels? I've eaten nearly an entire one. By myself. This week.

8. I was perusing my week 14 post with Fraser, and this is when I just barely started showing with him. Now I'm more like I was at week 17 with Fraser! Still a little bit of an awkward stage. Fitted clothes look a little odd because I don't think it's THAT obvious that I'm preggs (well, it kind of is. At night at least. My size sort of depends on the time of day), but baggy clothes look like I'm definitely hiding something. Awkward.

So, here's my just starting to show at week 14 with Fraser...

And here's week 17 with Fraser which is more like my current week 14...

9. Our good friend, Carianne, had a birthday this week! She's had a rough year and is now single-mommin it (and doing a bang up fantastic job if I do say so myself). It was my pleasure to help launch her into 28hood which will SURELY be filled with sugar and spice and everything nice... because she deserves it. She's such a beautiful person inside and out... and I can at least prove the outside part to you. Lowell and I snapped these shots of her and her little sweetie, Liam, earlier this month...

This week, Fraser and I are embarking on a road trip with this adorable pair... so much fun to be had!

10. I tried to convince Lowell to buy us a dark brown leather couch/chair set. You'd think THIS would make a sure sale, but nope...

The search for the perfect (and reasonably priced) couch (and working my womanly wiles) continues as our futon looks like an overused, mis-shapen piece of trash.

11. Fraser has taken a liking to hanging out by the toilet. That's sanitary right?

Lowell used to sit outside and eat rocks (and/or his big brother shoved dirt down his throat), and he NEVER gets sick... we're all about building immunity in THIS household!

Chat at ya next time!

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