Friday, August 03, 2012

Five years of fun (plus Olympics & family pictures)!

July 28th was Lowell and my 5th wedding Anniversary... FIVE YEARS!!??!!?! Lucky for us, it landed on a Saturday. ALSO very fortunate for us, Nana & Papa live 2 blocks away and just looooove to spend loads of time with Fraser. That means that we made PLANS PLANS PLANS!

The Olympics (which we LOVE), started on the 27th, so we took some Olympic-style photos of Fraser and Kumeu to add to the festivities.

We're fans. GO CANADA!

Oh, and Fraser became a mini Canadian CTV celeb with the first picture... check it here!

Next up was the local Farmer's Market! We cruised around, picked up some fresh foodies, then headed home to devour nearly a dozen Hutterite buns and a bag of cherries while watching the Olympics. Perfection!

When Fraser woke up from his nap, we had lunch (ya, like we needed lunch after our ridiculous "snack"), then took Fraser to Nana & Papa's so we could float down the Old Man River.  It was a GORGEOUS day and we were SO relaxed as we floated down the river with frappaccinos in hand (you really can never go wrong with a frappaccino in hand). A special thanks to our cousins Ryan & Lani who gave us the floatation devices as a wedding gift....  they're basically waterproof, floating recliner chairs... amazing! Very idyllic experience in general.

When we got back from our river floating, we got all gussied up and went to a random field with Fraser and my parents so my Dad could take some family and couple shots of us. July 28th was not only our 5th anniversary, but also Fraser's 10-month birthday, you know.

Next up was the Firestone for supper while Fraser went to Nana & Papa's for his FIRST SLEEPOVER without his mama! It was 8pm and still beautiful by the time we got there, so we sat on the patio. Hmmmm... now what to order...

Our next plan was to go on a 'cafe crawl' (our version of a pub crawl as we're not so into the bar scene). Too bad Starbucks and one other place are the only ones in Lethbridge open past 6pm. We hit up both of them, but our first stop (which shall remain nameless) ignored us for 20 minutes (seriously, though), so we chocked it up to money saved and finished off with some Starbucks to go and a little walk.

That night we stayed up until ALMOST MIDNIGHT. Now, if you know me, you know that that's pretty much unheard of. It would be much more common for me to go to bed at 7:30pm than stay up 'till midnight. (I guess that's a little something that goes hand in hand with being a (ridiculously early) morning person)!

And that's a wrap, folks! But before I sign off, I want to briefly summarize our last 4 anniversaries and what we did to celebrate (inspired by Kylie). It surprises me how little we have documented them photographically, but we've searched the deep dark recesses of our brains, and I think we've got'er figured.

Wedding Day (2007)
We, um, got married.

First Anniversary (2008)
Dins at Boston Pizza in Edmonton, and a walk around the Legislature grounds.

Second Anniversary (2009)
Funny story. Both on the river and at the restaurant, we reminisced about past anniversaries and what we did to celebrate. We remembered all but this one. It was just after returning home from our NZ/Thailand/Oz travels and we were living with Lowell's parents while helping out at the farm. Lowell's Mom is really good about documenting, well, everything, and we wondered if perhaps she had written down what we did. We gave her a dingle and SURE ENOUGH! She even knew what the weather was like (rainy)! Apparently I made pancakes for breakfast, we hung around the farm in the afternoon, and we watched Fireproof with Lowell's parents in the evening.

Third Anniversary (2010)
Camping weekend in Waterton with puppy Kumeu.

Fourth Anniversary (2011)
I was super pregnant, and also we call this one our night of debauchery. We had supper at a local restaurant known for having rather skanky looking waitresses (the location was my choice... I just HAD to see the scandal for myself!), then we went to the movie Bridesmaids. If you've seen Bridesmaids, you know that it's largely hilarious, but also pretty darn raunchy... too raunchy I think. So there you have it... our night of debauchery!

 Fifth Anniversary (2012)
Well, that's what this post was about, and it was one of our favourite days EVER! We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that two days later we had a partial repeat (Nana watched Fraser as we floated down the river under the blazing sun for 3 hours). Oh we are soooo lucky!!

There! Now we're all up to date. Because I hope to continue this Anniversary documentation thing, we will be more intentional about our activities (and photographing them) in the future... MARK MY WORDS!

SO. Pretty much I'm VERY thrilled with the man I chose to spend my life with. We are a team through and through, and I can hardly wait for what the next several decades bring!


Kathryn said...

I love Fraser's fist pump in the family pictures! He's like "My family Rocks!!" haha

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!may God grant you many more...That little Fraser is getting even cuter by the day...Love, Janny Wisse