Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Olympics!

 There are the OLMPIC Olympics, the Paralympics, the Special Olympics, and now... BABY OLYMPICS!

In the spirit of the Olympics, a few of Fraser's closest peers came representing a culture of their background, and the games were on!

Representing CANADA: Nico!

Representing Scotland (simply because blue and white were the only colours other than pink that she owns!) : Hope!

Representing Finland: Desmond!

Annnnnd representing the Netherlands: Fraser!

(Side note: Fraser's little soccer jersey is actually FROM the Netherlands... thank you Nana & Papa!)


Crawling race to the cheerios/baby mum mums...

Hope & Fraser tied for first...

(Another side note: Fraser started army crawling just in time for his 10-month birthday, and in the 3 weeks since, he has begun regular crawling, pulling himself to a stand, clapping, waving, signing "more", and making all sorts of noises. We can practically SEE the wheels in his head turning as he's taking everything in and learning sooo much.)

But I digress. Back to the olympics...


I'd say it was a four-way tie (although Fraser DID sort of hover above the stash and hoard handfuls)...

We had other activities on the list (diaper changing contest, first giggler when tickled, who imitated a clap first etc), but we got a bit of a late start and the babes (and mamas) were starting to get hangry. I guess that's what happens when you get a bunch of babies and mamas together... nothing quite goes as scheduled! ;)

The gold medals went to... EVERYONE!

 After the medal ceremony, lunch was had by one and all. The mamas had a potluck lunch with foods from their backgrounds, and it was an astoundingly delicious spread if I do say so myself....

Thus concludes Baby Olympics 2012... can hardly wait until winter Toddler Olympics in 2014!

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marcandorkylie said...

that's awesome julie! how many years until ty and fraser are in the same age category? we'll time a visit home.

ps - your word verification is getting a lot harder. maybe i am a robot.