Monday, July 23, 2012

92% Fraser, 8% Nico & Kumeu... 100% cute.

We've been up to a whole lot this summer (which hopefully I'll document eventually), but I haven't updated y'all on the Fraselnut lately, so this is all about the boy!

This weekend, Fraser will be 10 months old.... TEN MONTHS!!!?!??!

When he was out as long as he was in (41 weeks and 3 days), we had initially planned on having a party, but due to extreme busyness, we opted for a little photoshoot instead...

 Fraser has sort of plateaued weight-wise as he's been just shy of 20 lbs for the last 3 months. He has, however, gotten taller, and his hair continues to get longer, thicker and blonder (and I just can't bring myself to cut it).

Movement. He doesn't pull himself up on random objects yet, but he does pull himself to a stand on US. He also loves to walk when we're holding his hands, and has a HUGE GRIN on his face all the while. He rolls around, pivots, scoots, pulls himself up on his knees, and generally gets where he wants to go without actually crawling or walking.

 He babbles and blows raspberries like crazy, and his latest thing is "OOoooohhhhh" which he does constantly (probably because he's regularly rewarded with smiles and laughter from every adult within a few meter radius).

 He has 4 teeth now, and they're lethal... trust me. They've drawn blood twice. I'm still nursing, but this little nipple-biting phase might just do me in. My goal is to make it to at least a year, so we'll see if he and his teeth have other plans or not. Nah who am I kidding- I'll make it to a year... with or without my nipples in tact.

He responds to Nana & Papa's "How big is Fraser?" with a big smile and hands way in the air as they respond "Sooooooo big!" He doesn't really wave or clap or give high fives yet, though. Hmmm...I think some tried, tested, & true Kumeu-training methods are in order here... (and I'm not kidding).

Fraser is eating a wide variety of foods now, and LOVES it! The only thing he's not overly passionate about (but still polishes off) is purreed chicken. And after trying it myself, I can't say I blame him. It tastes like liquid sawdust. Not to worry, Fraser, I'm ALSO a little concerned about how disgusting it is...

He also likes to latch onto his spoon if I'm not quick enough...

 WE LOVE SUMMER! Okay, so air conditioning would be nice on some of the ridiculously hot days, but that's just when we're super thankful for the local pool. Carlynne and I frequented this pool with our best bud Jacqui nearly every day during our growing up summers (back when our biggest problem was 'hmmm... how are we going to kill the time today?'), so it's fun that I'm now taking my very own child there...

More summer fun.... swings!

If you look in Fraser's glasses, you will see why he has such a huge grin on his face (ahem, Auntie Chelsea). And what, you ask, is cuter than one baby in a swing? Why that would be TWO babies in a swing of course!

Awwwww... Nico & Fraser!
And let's get a closer look at these BFFs in their matching cool dude shades...

The most frequent comments Fraser gets are:1. Wow he smiles a lot!
2. He looks just like papa G!
3. He's so blonde!
4. Look at those amazing blue eyes!
5. He's so TALL!
6. He's sooooooo cute!!

Yes, he's very blonde-haired, blue-eyed, tall and cute, and he arguably looks more like my brother than his own kids do (according to several friends). Apparently Fraser is pretty purely a G baby right now... it'll be interesting to see how that changes over the years!

Fraser and Kumeu have been paying more and more attention to each other. Kumeu goes right up to Fraser, lets him grab his face, and gently places his paw on Fraser's lap and gives him kisses. Fraser loves to feel his fur and face (and we're really drilling home the concept of 'gentle'). Oh, and they tend to share toys and food...

Fraser even scooted his way under the couch to join Kumeu. Too bad he was face-to-butt and not face-to-face with the pooch... that couldn't have been as rewarding...

Fraser has been sleeping quite well (although as I'm writing this, I'm scared to jinx it!). He has done a few 8-10 hour stretches in the last couple weeks, and oh boy could I ever get used to that. A few nights ago, when I was nursing him in the wee hours of the morn, I noticed that his sleeper was wet. Shoot. I didn't want to interrupt his feed, so get this: I changed his diaper AND sleeper in the dark WHILE NURSING! Now if that doesn't classify as a sporting event, I don't know what does. Do you think it's too late to petition for it to be included in London 2012? hehe :)

And that, folks, is where Fraser is at!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. He does keep getting more adorable, can't wait to see him in person. It's hard to believe he is already 10 months, wow!

Shelley said...

He's growing SOOOOO FAST!! What a handsome little man! :)

Devo said...

What a sweetie! Random 'advice' re the nipple biting (obviously take it or leave it!): My son bit me a few times too, and my daughter is almost exactly a month younger than Fraser, so I'm feeling your pain literally. What worked with both of them: when they bite, take the back of their head and push it INTO your boob. Like if you arm was being bit by a dog ... don't pull back ... push in. AND ... in the process, push in such a way that his little nostrils end up pressed into skin (hence cutting off his air supply). This sounds HORRIBLE written down ... but it's just for a second!! This advise was given to me and it really really worked with both of mine. They made the connection literally in 1-2 times that biting = unpleasant for them and stopped doing it. Again - take it or leave it - I just found it so effective, I thought I'd share. Good luck!!