Tuesday, December 01, 2009

High Five Canada

As you may recall, Lowell and I applied for the Best Job in the World in Australia... and didn't get it (although we WERE pleased about our top 200 finish).

A few months later, we applied to be the Ultimate Thailand Explorers. That also turned out to be somewhat of a bust (although we're still a little shady on exactly WHAT the judging criteria there was).

Well, another video has been submitted for another cause, but we were NOT the creators of this video. We ARE- however briefly- IN the video (along with Daniel & Carlynne).

I mentioned in our first post from Ottawa that we sang 'O Canada' for a couple hoping to win their way to the Olympics as explorers/bloggers. Well, Derek and Elise (of highfivecanada.com ) have completed many grueling hours of editing and the video is up!

Derek & Elise are fun, talented, creative, and attractive. We think that they'd be great reps for Canada and we think that they should WIN! So why don't you watch their video , note Dan, Carlynne, Lowell and my brief stardom at 0.43, give them five stars, and watch them KICK BUTT!

Click here to watch their fun and creative video!!


HighFive said...

Thanks guys! Your support is VERY much appreciated.

Loved the mustache, Lowell!

Keep voting!


shareen said...

I like how Carlynne has her hand on her heart while she's singing...so patriotic.

HighFive said...


Because you're two of our favourite fans, we just wanted to give you both a heads up that Elise & Derek are going to the OLYMPICS!

As always, check out www.HighFiveCanada.com. You guys may appreciate our behind-the-scenes Facebook fan page (High Five Canada Uncut).

Anyways, we hope you're both doing great! Cheers.