Friday, December 11, 2009

The Journey of my Nose and I...

April 2001 : skipped grade 12 class to get nose pierced. Quite a rebellious move for a G girl, by the way.

2005: pierced area randomly began infecting. We’re talking nasty infections: swelling, blood, puss…the whole works.

2006: began noticing dark marks around piercing (assumed result of previous infections).

Early 2007: saw dermatologist about mystery dark marks around pierced area. Dermatologist claimed that the dark marks were “tattooing”. Even though I had gold nose rings, the little bit of nickel in them bled and tattooed my skin.

A little later in 2007: began tattoo laser removal treatments for the dark spot on my nose (most painful 10 seconds of my life). Nose ring had to be removed for treatment, and by the time I could replace it, the hole grew in. No more nose ring for Julie. But the treatments sure did leave a nice red pile of nastiness.

July 2007: after 3 tattoo removal treatments, saw very little difference in colour and glued a little jewel on my nose for our July 27 nuptials.

2007 to 2009: grew increasingly sick of the dark dip on my nose.

March 2009: Marc suggested a re-pierce whilst we were traipsing around NZ.

Sept 21, 2009: re-pierced nose

Later on Sept 21, 2009: took out re-piercing as it was ABOVE the dark hole on my nose and therefore defeated the entire purpose of the re-piercing.

PS- There is a mirror involved in these two pictures. I did NOT suddenly forget which side of my nose was actually pierced...

Still on September 21, 2009: it bled.

Nov 18, 2009 – re-pierced nose and it effectively covers the deep dark dip.

I am now re-living my glory days as a nose-pierced-rebel.


Shelley said...

that's quite the journey for your nose! So much work to get rid of the damage and then you punch through it again. You're funny.
Also...pus, not puss ;)
(my mother was a grammar teacher, i can't help it)

Carlynne said...

Funny. I think I put "puss" in my notes on a regular basis. Whoops. Liking the nose and the ring my dear.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are confusing. I'm assuming you either inverted a few, or else you couldn't keep track of which side of your nose to pierce?

Lowell & Julie said...

Hehe, no confusion here! THERE WAS A MIRROR INVOLVED! I was looking in the mirror whilst pulling out the Sept 21 piercing and watching it bleed.

Shelley- I don't doubt the error! The fact that "f", "gh", and "ph" can all make the same sound? Don't even get me started! The English language is so darn inconsistent with random rules up the wazoo. I think it makes much more sense to spell it "puss":)

Anonymous said...

Wow Julie - you really are a trooper. I think if I had read your story prior to getting my nose pierced, I would have thought twice about it! However - mine hasn't given me any trouble - I do recommend sticking to surgical steel though for the piercings - I've had no troubles at all with them - well worth the money!

Alexis Owmizer said...

Good thing you did a pretty good job and still have that cute nose! Hehe! What a journey you had with those piercings. I'm tellin' ya, I think my niece is on her way on that nose-pierced-rebel in Los Angeles, and it makes me nervous. I'm hoping that she choose those little stud like yours instead.

Anonymous said...

I actually have the same problem....can I ask you where did you go for the laser treatment?? Thank you very much!

Josiane, Qu├ębec

Two Ounces said...

Hi there - I have the exact same issue and am contemplating repeircing or maybe laser tattoo removal? But it seems neither one helped you? Are you still stuck with a stain? Any advice? Haha thanks so much!