Sunday, July 05, 2009


Good golly was Sea World ever fun!

And yes, we went as full blown tourists...

First stop was the stingrays. We were NOT expecting this to be a super cool experience, but it was SO AWESOME that we eventually had to peel ourselves off of the poolside so we could see some other sea creatures before closing time.

Why was this experience so cool? Because we could PET THEM!!

This is the closest any of us will get to touching a shark (I hope!). It's a 'sting ray shark'...

Moving along...

We had reeeeaaallly hoped to swim with the dolphins, but it was like 4 million dollars each. Um, I don't think so. Instead we watched with envy as this presumably multi billionaire family swam with the dolphins (or at least touched and fed them).

Next up were some randoms such as starfish...

And sea cucumbers...

(Yes, these things looked rather unappetizing to me as well).

Next up: the underground aquarium. It was very reminiscent of our Thai scuba diving experience, but we weren't breathing oxygen from a tank on our back, and the aquatic life was separated from us by a shiny clean window. Oh, and we didn't come face to face with ominous sharks.

Some more underwater fun was to be had with the POLAR BEARS!

They looked so cute and cuddly, but I'm sure any attempt to snuggle on my part would surely end in a grotesque death (of me).

We also enjoyed the scheduled shows. The dolphin show was soooo awesome and made us feel a little better for missing out on swimming with the dolphins (and also a little worse).

Those trainers had no clue how jealous they were making me (or perhaps they did).

The other show we watched was called 'Waterski Wipeout'. The performers were eccentric and talented.

And of course, what would an adventure park be without RIDES?!

I get sick on the lamest of the low key kiddie rides, but I sure can handle the log ride (well, it's called a log ride at Calaway Park at home anyway). All you do is go straight up then straight down and get wet.

Lowell & Lance enjoyed the roller coaster. Can you spot Lowell? He's the one in the middle with the shaggy hair glistening in the sun...

I've mentioned in previous posts how Lowell and I have been in a constant search of heat since arriving in Australia. It rained at some point each day, and the sun (when it decided to shine) wasn't as warm as we were hoping. The day we picked up Lance & Nat from the airport was sooo sunny and warm, and it hasn't rained a drop since they've arrived. It's been toasty warm and perfect for all of our outdoor adventures!


Shelley said...

wow...i've had a lot of catching up to do! You guys are having SO MUCH FUN! Can't believe you got to see the Irwin clan! Plus, i also think Sea cucumbers are gross.

word verification: calmmula

Daniel said...

Hey Guys that looks awesome fun and crazy. I kind of wish I was there but I'm having so much fun here pretending to be a doctor. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.

Katie, Bakersfield, CA said...

Hey there!

Sea World is my most favorite place in the whole wide world ... if I had my way I would have season passes all year round.

When you come to California next time on a tour you have to visit San Diego Sea Word and the best part of that ... Shamu Show!!!! Its unbelievable! Dont let me get started about Sea World ... I love it!!!

Take care.