Saturday, July 04, 2009

Canada Day Festivities in Australia

I know it's no longer Canada Day (and in fact, Independence Day), but this was the first time we've ever celebrated Canada Day in another country. And we loooove Canada Day!

Our four main events included:

1. Pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup. These were in our tummies before I got the camera out.


Lowell pretty much stole the show here. His Canadian shirt on Canada Day must've been his good luck charm. He whooped our butts.

He got strikes...

He got spares...

...and he even did well when bowling like this...

And he wasn't cocky about it at all...

3. Hungry Jacks for dinner. This is in no way, shape or form Canadian... but we had to eat! And we wanted to try Hungry Jacks because we were pretty certain that it's a direct Australian rip-off of Burger King. Indeed it was (they even sell whoppers).

4. Our final activity of the day was to down a homemade trifle for dessert. The splotch of red on the top is an attempted maple leaf from strawberries.

Granted, it was a weak attempt... but at least it was a patriotic attempt!

So... Happy Belated Birthday, Canada!


Katie, Bakersfield, CA said...

Hi there guys!

Well ... its July 4th in the good ol USA!!! Getting ready for fireworks everywhere.

Take care and love your adventures. Amazing Race is accepting applications for their November show. Are you going to apply? I would love to see you guys on the show and if not, oh well.


Lowell & Julie said...

Hi Katie! Can you send us your email addy asap? We're going to be in LA with free time on July11th before flying to Calgary and we were hoping to hang out! Perhaps we'll discuss the amazing race at that time :)

Lowell & Julie said...

PS to Katie: we'll delete your email address of these comments once we've got it!!