Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our first visitors have arrived...

... in the form of fleas.

Apparently we're infested. 

Over the past week I (in particular) have been developing suspicious looking (and stinkin itchy) little bumps over various aspects of the vast expanse of my body. I even feel as though eggs are hatching in the tiny little fine blonde hairs (that shouldn't be but are) under my eyebrows. I've wanted nothing more than to wax my entire face... and body. 

After a colleague confirmed today that they were indeed flea bites, we invested in bug bombs, set them up in our cottage, and evacuated the premises  for 3 hours. 

(At least we got a good work-out and a delicious Indian meal out of the deal.)

When we came back, we vacuumed the entire surface area of our abode. Normally this is a tolerable task- pleasurable even- but not this time. We don't have any vacuum ends (we can't find them anywhere), so we had to do the entire floor with just the little tubey suction end-- being irritatingly careful not to miss a spot lest we allow a flea egg to go unnoticed, hatch, and start the whole infestation process again. The floor is like 20 square feet (slight exaggeration), but it took 2 hours to vacuum.

I guess this just continues the theme of weird things happening to weird people. It's a completely different situation... but equally ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear who surprised you with a visit...OH, what a pain!! Did you purchase special shampoo/soap for your shower? What did you fumigate your house with? How will you fumigate your car? How about your laundry? Details!!!
Love Mum :)

marcandorkylie said...

That sucks!!! The fleas not the vacuum because apparently the vacuum doesn't.


Susan said...

Oh no...that's terrible! I hope the itchiness is going away...yikes!

jill said...

I'm itchy just reading about it! That sucks guys!

Tracy said...

Jill stole the words right out of my typing fingers... "I feel itchy just reading about it!" YUCK! Glad you got them all cleaned up :-) Happy no more scratching!!!

me said...

Ewww! Sorry about that. We had moth larvae infest our house in Vancouver once. It was so gross.