Saturday, September 13, 2008

All Blacks

Rugby in New Zealand is like hockey in Canada. The All Blacks are a national icon.

Since we now have Kiwi friends (did I mention that? It's super!), we were invited to join some of them as they cheered on their national team playing against the ultimate rugby enemy: Australia. Lance summarized for us why witnessing such a game is vital to our NZ experience.


1. Kiwis and Ozzies are friends, but in sports they are bitter enemies.
2. Rugby is NZ's biggest religion.
3. This cup is only ever competed for by NZ and Australia.
4. Australia started as England's largest prison island and they are all the sons of criminals.
5. This blood makes them hard rugby players.
6. There is nothing sweeter than beating the Ozzies in rugby.
7. Having witnessed the Bledisloe, you will have participated in the pinnacle of Kiwi culture and you will never be the same.
8. The 'throat slitting haka' is banned because it is too threatening.
9. When playing Australia, they usually do it anyway.

Well, an experience it was! Emotions were running high as the All Blacks led, then fell behind, then took it back again, then almost slipped....then WON.

"We're Lance and Natalie and we're very content that the All Black's took the lead right off the bat."

Shoot. The Ozzies are now ahead.

It's all good. We got it back.

Uh oh, the Ozzies are coming so close to taking it again. Noooooo!

And it's a VICTORY FOR THE ALL BLACKS (28-24)!!

Showing off our new Kiwi/All Blacks pride with Lance and Natalie:

Lance was right. We will never be the same!


gillian said...

Hah! That reminds me of when I first arrived in Australia and the biggest cricket tourny of the year was on. I got a crash course in cricket by my host family... and to this day, I enjoy cricket. Strange isn't it.

Carlynne said...

You two must be good luck. It looks like a fun crowd. I don't think I've ever seen a rugby game. Did you understand it?

shareen said...

I couldn't watch the video of the "throat slitting haka" - what is it exactly? I don't really understand rugby, but know people get hurt a lot. I can picture you covering your eyes all the time, though. Do you think you'll become a big enough fan to learn all their nams and search them out on the streets of NZ for more celebrity encounters?

Lowell & Julie said...

I've never seen a rugby game in my life before this. Not even a little. We learned a bit about it prior to watching the game, but everyone was really good at explaining things throughout the game. Eventually we were really into the game ourselves and pretty well (i.e., not COMPLETELY) knew what was going on.

I was very consciously stifling/limiting my vocal outbursts (which was very tricky to do) b/c I didn't want to scare off my new friends...yet.

Oh, the haka is a threatening little dance/chant they do in unison before the game starts. If you google it, you'll find more info.

I'm pretty sure I would recognize the captain (he's the left guy in the first picture) and #8 and #12 (2 huge Maori dudes with dreds). But good point, Shar...I'll have to do my homework so I don't miss a celebrity encounter!

Lowell & Julie said...

Gillian- I think I will now have a special place in my heart for rugby...but really only NZ rugby. You know- mob mentality!

Anonymous said...

Now how much of the match did you really watch Julie? It seems you were keeping a good eye the audience. Great action shots. The tension and then relief come through very clear! I enjoyed that.
Love Mum

Stephen, Tricia, and Jubilee Taylor said...

Oh Lowell and Julie, the All Blacks have sucked you in... but we will still be your friends and like you. Go Springboks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Just a quick note. Looks like you are having a good time. That's randon and cool to get into the Rugby action with a bunch of new friends.
Random note: if you see any marino sheep can you take a picture for me and maybe even touch one? It's just a dream of mine.

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