Thursday, September 11, 2008

He did it. He's the new Canadian Idol.

Remember Theo Tams? The Canadian Idol contestant from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada? MY HOME?! He won. HE WON!!! (Not that I ever doubted that he would...)

And that’s all I know. I have no clue what else happened on the show as it wasn’t broadcasted here. Apparently Kiwis aren’t avid Canadian Idol watchers…for shame!

So, google him and find out everything you can. Look at pictures, and watch the videos. You won’t be sorry.

CONGRATULATIONS THEO!! You make Southern Albertans proud.

PS- Theo, I'm going to need a picture with you as well as your autograph to add to my slowly expanding celebrity connection file.


Carlynne said...

Dan and I watched some theo and Utube and it inspired us to be musical. So Dan started playing some old favourites on the keyboard (Alanis Morisette, Jewel, Counting Crows...) and we belted it out. It was fun to pretend to be canadian idols. Next round, here we come...

Jennifer said...

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! So happy he won. I was so nervous during the finale - you would have been a wreck Julie ;) It's just torture the way they draaaaaawww it out.
Thanks for the bday wishes too. Looks like you guys are integrating quite well into NZ. But way to keep the southern Alberta pride alive at the same time - Yay Theo!