Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tethered swimmers!

And the final piece of the paratriathlon puzzle... Lowell and Warren tried the tethered swim for the first time! True to my word, I was lurking beneath the surface, creepily capturing footage of the historical moment. Thank heavens for a wonderful Nana who graciously arrived to sit on our babies at 6am!

As one would expect, the boys rocked it. A pool is undoubtedly trickier than an open water swim because of the turning-around factor, but they still nailed it.

Tethered and ready!
Discussing their turning-around options. Tricky business!

I am SUPER photogenic and feminine at 6:30am underwater. FYI.
Such form! Such grace!

Photographing speed demons under water is not as simple as one might hope, but I still had a blast treading water, holding my breath as long as possible, and trying my darndest to document this epic moment. I felt honoured to be a first-hand witness... I LOVE watching these two together.

By the way. If you're new here and have no clue why the heck Lowell and Warren are swimming tethered together and I am proudly/creepily photographing them, go right on ahead and read about their paratriathlon ambitions.

These boys rock my socks off!

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