Monday, April 27, 2015

Remembering Colbie Marie Rose

Me with my precious niece Colbie when she was born.
Today would have been Colbie's half birthday. Half birthdays are kind of a big deal in our family... but this one is tough. Rather than celebrating this 6-month milestone, we're mourning Colbie's loss and tearfully wondering about what could have been. How that impossibly thick mop of black hair would have grown even more. How she'd undoubtedly be pulling off the goofiest of grins. How she'd have the most infectious of giggles and the most beautiful of personalities. She'd be SO UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE. She'd be sitting up, rolling around, throwing back solids, babbling away, and basically making everyone she comes into contact with fall madly in love with her. I can picture the potential so vividly it hurts.

The other night, three-and-a-half year old Fraser told us that Colbie was safe in heaven with Jesus, and Jesus was giving her a back rub. He went on to say that we miss Colbie, and we want to visit heaven so we can give her a back rub too. Right on the money there, Fraser. Right. On. The money.

Many tears were shed as Lowell and I created this video in the days following Colbie's devastatingly unexpected passing. Many more are being shed now.

Sending extra love and hugs to Shareen and Craig as they continue to remember their baby girl.

I love you and think about you every day, sweet Colbie. Today we will be consuming ice cream cake in your honour. xox


Chelsea said...

Love you, and praying for you. Keep celebrating that little life, Colbie is a precious little girl, and I love how Fraser recognizes her life continues, just not here. Kids really grasp the kingdom… I hope you feel that closeness as well.

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2014, what a memorable day!
Shareen texted she was having contractions in the morning and they were going to the hospital....... We did not hear more.

Julie's intuition was that we had better pack up to go to Medicine Hat to meet this new little baby. She was packed and Lowell was on call to leave at any moment. I was not thinking ahead so clearly. She made me realize we should pack up too, especially since we were to be going on to Canmore to meet Carlynne, Dan and Finola for a few days, the next day.

We still did not hear any news. Julie got it that labor must be progressing. Papa and Lowell were a little dubious and were not prepared to move until we heard more.

While we were sitting at supper our phone rang! It was Shareen!! Papa and Nana each had a portable phone to their ear, to hear Shareen announce the safe arrival of their little girl! While that was happening our cell phone rang. It was Julie--"have you heard!!?? I knew it! Are you leaving right now? We are!"

Our friend Diane was sitting at the table watching us and says how she enjoyed the excitement watching us on three phones at once!!

We did go directly to Medicine Hat to meet adorable Colbie, and her happy parents that night.

So exciting!
A day to celebrate!!

Lowell & Julie said...

Thanks Chels- love you too.

Mom- I loved reading your version of Colbie's birth day. It was an adrenaline rush, for sure. So exciting welcoming that girl into the world!