Saturday, March 21, 2015


I made super hero capes for the boys AGES ago, and my lofty visions of them gleefully prancing around in them for Stefan's first birthday fell flat.

Nearly a year later, however, they have embraced the super hero outfits... on their own accord.

Of course, having super hero undies also helps (thank you, Auntie Shareen). On this particular occasion, Fraser was wearing superman undies over batman undies and referring to himself as 'super batman'. All the while running around yelling "POW POW!" (as all legitimate super heroes do... obviously).


In the days following this little show of superheroism, Fraser insisted on wearing two to four pairs of superhero undies at a time, and Stefan firmly requested that he don superhero undies atop his diaper. Classy fellows.

When I show these pictures to Fraser and ask who it is, he looks at me like DUH MOM, "It's Super Fraser and Super Stefan!"

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