Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ski-sonal Fun!

Our first full family ski trip was a success. The Fraselator tore up the slopes (well, the bunny hill... with a harness...) and 21-month old Stefan rocked his first time on skis!

Getting ready! God bless the creator of the spacious mini van with collapsible back seats.

Let's do this.

Lowell is typically a snowboarder, but is contemplating entering the skiing world as it would be easier for him visually as well as with the kids. On this particular occasion, however, he taught Stefan the ropes on foot. Lowell, Stefan, and the hoola hoop hung out on the wee training hill while Fraser and I were a little more adventurous. 

Lowell was very impressed that Stefan caught on to the whole balance thing SO fast.
Game face.
It was so windy that we came to a dead stop mid-hill. I'm actually kind of impressed that we didn't get blown back UP the hill...
I'm confident that next time Fraser will attempt the teeny tiny training hill sans harness. So proud!
Daddy cuddle break.
It was rather an exhausting endeavor for us parentals, but totally worth it. Both boys fell asleep about three seconds after getting in the car, and slept the entire way home. Fraser jolted up as we pulled into our driveway and blurted in a partial awake state, "I LOVE SKIING!". Haha... a worthwhile experience indeed.

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