Saturday, January 31, 2015

In search of Taylor Swift tickets!

The short version:
I am looking to procure two tickets for Taylor Swift’s Edmonton concert on August 4th or 5th.

The long version:
I have somewhat of a celebrity bucket list:
  • Andy Griffith aka Matlock aka my absolute number one all time favourite. He passed away before I got a chance to meet him... so sad! I MAY have even sent him fan mail back in the snail mail actual-letter-writing days. (But I can not confirm or deny that.)
  •  Celine Dion. CHECK. Well, I would still love to MEET her, but at least we saw her in concert (and it was fantastically amazing).
  •  Ellen. Because obviously.
  •  Taylor Swift. Again… obviously.
Only two celebrity encounters left to cross off the ol bucket list... Ellen & Taylor. When I heard that Taylor Swift would be performing in Edmonton this summer, I was totally on board. Unfortunately, the week of Colbie’s passing/funeral coincided with ticket sales, and as much as I love T Swizzle, ticket purchasing wasn’t even on my radar. Not surprisingly, they sold out quickly and I was left ticketless. Initially I simply brushed it off and acted all calm and cool and like, ‘ah well, I’ll catch her next time she’s in Alberta.”

Then I hung out with Liz.

Liz is married to my cousin, Theo. We’ve clicked since we met, but this time was different. This time I realized that she is my American counterpart. As in, she is ME… but from the states and wears glasses. After hours of hanging out, I decided to nonchalantly toss out the words “Taylor Swift” and gauge her reaction. She casually responded that she liked Taylor also, but then we saw a glint in each others' eyes and our interaction rapidly escalated to “OH MY GOODNESS SHE’S THE BEST EVER I TOTALLY LOVE HER” and one small step away from a teary-eyed embrace over our mutual love of Taylor Swift. It was at this point that we decided- regardless of our current state of ticketlessness—to be in Edmonton in August. So it would probably be good if, you know, we had tickets.

SO! If you have tickets that you can no longer use (preferably in the front row… or on her lap. Haha), or if you know someone who does, please contact us! And hopefully we don’t walk directly into a scam here.

I'll just be over here on the edge of my seat... crossing my fingers!


Anonymous said...

Julie, did you know you are related to Taylor Swift? Just not that one! Ask Brian T about his cousin's youngest son. I think she friended him on facebook too. Cuzzin Mary

Colleen and Mike Hoyer said...

there's about 800 tickets left, according to a google search!
Have fun!