Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympic Fever

We are kiiiiind of into the Olympics around here.

Shortly before the Olympics began, Fraser's face had a disagreement with the sidewalk which inspired our FIRST Olympicesque shot and launched us into Olympic mode. And yes, we embellished the eye and tooth. Fraser was initially resistant to the concept... until the promise of candy was involved. And then our little hockey star was born!

After that (and with the actual start of the games), our efforts snowballed and our Team Canada spirit intensified...

Yes, Olympic fever runs high around here. In fact, we MAY have relocated the children’s booster seats to the living room for Olympic watching purposes. Hey…it was more efficient and a whole lot cheaper than purchasing 6 new TVs. I’m also considering installing a toilet in the living room.

We generally have a ‘no TV under the age of two’ policy in our home (and very limited thereafter), but that rule goes out the window for the Olympics.

And also for Ellen. (Degeneres... obviously.)

We're fans. Of Ellen and her undies. And believe you me, the only way that my underoos will ever grace the world wide web is on the heads of my children. Apparently...


But back to the Olympics... GO CANADA!!!

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