Tuesday, December 17, 2013

grown-up giggle fits

I have been known for my giggle fits. It is not uncommon for something to tickle my funny bone, and while I oft contain my merriment in the moment, I melt into gales of giggles once tucked in for the night. This uncontrollable tear-filled laughter lasts like 30 minutes. For real. Poor Lowell catches the giggles briefly then kind of half laughs for a while, then is all "ooookay. It's kiiiind of time for sleeping now."

But I come by it honestly, folks. My Mom gets the giggles, and it's. the. BEST. One such notable occasion was when Dan had his first meal at my parents' place. You have to understand that Dan is a very funny dude. If you watch Modern Family and are familiar with Phil Dunphy.... 'nuff said. That's Dan. Anyhoo. During devotions, Dan was subtly (or so he thought) attempting to balance a spoon on his nose. When he was successful, he was- again, not so subtly- nudging Carlynne to proudly show off his accomplishment. My Mom found this little display absolutely hilarious (which it truly was), and she began shaking with laughter.  Her tear-covered face ended up buried in her apron for several minutes. When Mom gets the giggles, everyone gets the giggles... so it was a good ab workout all around.

My Dad recently caught one of Mom's giggle fits on camera. They were heading off to a Christmas party, and took their traditional mirror selfie to send us kids. I don't know if it was the toilet in the background or what, but something struck mom as particularly comedic.

Aww a nice selfie for the kids...

Uh oh. Something funny just happened...




Haha. I also love my Dad in these shots... not having a clue what set Mom off, but finding it hilarious anyway.

Ahh... ain't nothin like a good hard genuiune belly laugh! Thanks for the genes, Mom. They're fun. :)


Anonymous said...

Julie, Julie!! How did you get those pictures?!
Haha! Fun post!
Mum :) :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Tee hee hee, I MAY have swiped Dad's phone temporarily ;)