Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Extravaganza!

One Man in the Yellow Hat, two Curious Georges, and a banana... makes for some excellent mixing and matching for these four little Halloweened holligans.

It all started with Nico's love of Curious George which he passed along to Fraser. Nico's monkey suit was the first to be acquired, and next on the list was Fraser's costume. I searched high and low (actually, I didn't try THAT hard), but couldn't find decent yellow pants/shirt/hat to put together, so- under the supervision of my mama- I made them. THAT'S why the shirt looks a little Hutterite-ish (it's the puffed sleeves, folks... sleeves are tricky business). And the boots- OH MY THE BOOTS. I just about died when I first saw them. The tiny cowboy boots were borrowed from a friend (Thanks Alexa!), and they completed the look perfectly. After the puzzle of Fraser's costume was solved, we stumbled across another monkey suit, then decided to use the left over felt from Fraser's costume to transform baby Summer into a banana. Easy peasy.

The original two.

The Man with the Yellow Hat and his other Curious George.

The Man with the Yellow Hat flying solo.
The lone monkey.

Oh these two!

Ya... good luck getting a picture of all four kiddies (aged 5 weeks to 2 years) posing nicely and smiling. I call these shots "reality".

We went to three houses in, like, nearly three hours! But don't you worry- we still scored huge. Nico's Nana & Papa (aka Nana Steph & Papa Nick) unloaded large buckets filled with candy, toys, books, colouring books, and- most importantly- TOOTH BRUSHES & TOOTH PASTE (brilliant, yes?), and Uncle Cam/Auntie Hayley and Uncle G/Auntie Mandy were certainly not shy with their offerings either!

Now if THAT'S not an amazing (already half emptied) haul, I don't know what is. Thanks Nana Steph & Papa Nick!

Our little fail this year is that we didn't buy any candy to give away! I falsely presumed that we'd be gone before the chillens came a-knockin, but like an hour before we even left, a small group started walking towards our house. We quickly hit the deck, and hunkered down on the living room floor whilst bribing Fraser to stay super quiet. They knocked/rang the doorbell/called "Trick or treat" for like 5 straight minutes... or at least it felt like 5 minutes. Or 20. Awkward. I should've just given them bananas or money or told them we didn't have anything, but I left it too long and it would have been like 50 times MORE awkward after the first 4 minutes of ignoring them. As soon as they left, we shut off the lights, closed the blinds, and dined in darkness. We're soooo cool. So if that was you at our door... sorry. Haha. FAIL.

So anyhoo...

Last year Fraser and Nico were hobbits Sam & Frodo. Remember that?

I wonder what next year will bring. This MAY have been the last year that WE got to decide their Halloween fate. I have a feeling they will become more opinionated on the subject, and may not be super into these themey costumes that their parents seem so fond of.

PS- Happy Halloween!


Hayley Feyter said...

They were so cute!! You guys are the best!!! You forgot a pic of Lowell in all his finery!!! Haha. Thanks for including us in your travels. It was the best part of my whole night!

Lowell & Julie said...

Our pleasure, Hayley- your place will always be on the top of our list. The boys had a blast! And Lowell's finery... bahaha. ;)

Stephanie said...

Fabulous costumes - love the coordination of kids and hand made costumes - great job!