Friday, August 02, 2013

Project 365: July Edition

Stefan's first Canada Day!

What?! At least he's sharing.

First night of room sharing = SUCCESS! Don't be deceived by the actual bed in the room- it's been in there forever, and Fraser is still very much in the crib for as long as I can possibly keep him there!

This really happened. Clearly a "mommy brain" moment (discovered hours later).

They're both veeeeeerrrry bored with shopping.

Date night! After dins, we went to a movie (Monster's University 3D) in an actual THEATRE which we hadn't done since I was just barely pregnant with Fraser. Novel!

Super Dad!

If you look suuuuuper closely, you can see a man in the tree. Fraser was watching with rapt attention as the man preformed his tree-cutting duties!

Fraser seems to share a special bond with cousin Emily!

Katelyn, Julia, and Emily. A bunch of adorable cousins... Cousin Its (hehehe) :)

Stefan's first plane ride was superbly successful... he slept the entire way to Ottawa!

Carlynne and baby Fin at Meech Lake.

Beautiful and dimpled (I will never get over the fact that she has DIMPLES!) Finola Rose!

Double date night on a rooftop patio in Ottawa while Nana watched the kidlets... FUNSIES!

Beach day with my (not-so-thrilled-looking) fedorable (term coined by Carlynne) boys!

Twins and twin cousin babies!

Cute welcome home (from Ottawa) sign in the window from Papa. Note the use of Stefan's first AND middle name. Stefan was named after Papa (the Peter part), and Papa prefers to call him the full 'Stefan Peter' hehehe :)

Watching Daddy unclog the street drains after yet another rain storm.

Lowell demonstrating his photographic prowess.

Fraser blowing bubbles. And by blowing bubbles, I mean putting the entire bubble blower IN his mouth (although he is blowing with remarkable accuracy in this shot).

Oh, Fraser is just taking 'Annie Dah-ween' (Auntie Shareen) for a walk!

Tummy time!

Prince George's day of birth! So we had to celebrate... with crowns, jewels, and ice cream cake... obviously.

Fraser + Nico = beach bums.

Playing some guitar with Papa on his birthday. "Appy Day Papa!"

Fraser, Stefan, Kumeu and I road-tripped it to Medicine Hat to visit Auntie Shareen, Uncle Craig and Maggie!

A coupla monkeys at the park! Fraser was pretty proud of himself for successfully swinging from the bar for the first time. When he was finished, he stood up and enthusiastically ran in the opposite direction- not realizing that there was another bar there (dang parallel bars)... BONK. Oops.

Fraser LOVES running with Kumeu. And I LOVE watching him run with Kumeu.

Stefan and baby cousin Elise!
Happy Sixth Anny to US!
Where's Fraser??!! I kid you not. He squatted in the box, starting bearing down, and POOPED. In a diaper box. How appropriate.

Fraser loooves to play "Dop an Doe!" (stop and go) or "Wun!" (run) whether on foot, in the stroller, or being carried. Much giggling always ensues!

The ginormous disgusting wasp nest in the dog house (that Kumeu has never set foot in. Seriously. (Wanna buy a dog house? It only weighs 700 lbs. For real.)) didn't stand a CHANCE against Papa and his can of Raid!
The. End.

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Shareen said...

For real? He pooped in a diaper box? Perhaps just fill it with litter and forget the potty-training?

And the wasps nest freaked me out. eeeewwwwww.