Sunday, July 21, 2013

My blogger page was dusty... but I'm back. With an update.

 It’s been such an overwhelmingly long time since I’ve updated this here bloggeroo that I hardly even know where to begin. Fraser is now 21 months old (actually, closer to 22), and Stefan is 3.5 months old. Time is going WARP speed,  and they’re growing/changing sooooo fast. The end.

Just kidding.

Fraser has been doing all sorts of running, climbing, chatting, playing, and being an all around delight. He loves swimming, balls, puppies, the outdoors, cars, books, and probably every other stereotypical thing that a boy his age would love. His favourite word lately seems to be “no” which is looooads of fun (not), but lucky for him, even his ‘no’ is cute (for now).

Stefan has been eating and sleeping well, and is quick to show us his toothless grin. If he’s fussy, it’s usually an easy fix (for example, he is not a fan of sitting in poo like his big brother, but as a general rule neither am I so I can hardly blame the kid for shedding a few tears when his diaper is full of the nasty). Overall, Stefan has been easy on his mama. We were warned several times not to expect another good babe like Fraser, but I dare say we've hit the jackpot a second time (*HUGE sigh of relief*).

People often ask me what the differences between them are, and I truly think the main difference so far is with ME. I'M more relaxed and easy going about everything. Stefan started sleeping longer sooner and generally SEEMS more chill than Fraser was, but I'm convinced it's mostly me and how I react/cope. I'm sure I'll have more answers as Stefan's personality develops, but for now we'll go with this: they're both angels, and that's that.

Plus, like, seriously. They LOOKED alike as newborns...

(Fraser on top, Stefan down below- both photos courtesy of La Di Da Lane Photography.)

Actually, I just thought of one major difference. Stefan is Baldy McBalderson, and Fraser never lost his hair (and in fact looks like he's wearing a toupe in his newborn shots), so THAT'S the difference between them. Major, I know.

Fraser as a hairy newborn and, well, you've seen Stefan's balding ways.

Oh. And Fraser and Stefan have been SHARING A ROOM. Successfully! Room-sharing was always the long term plan, but we didn’t know when to start. Well, a heat-wave and recent purchase of a small air conditioner forced the situation (as the a/c unit was put in their room), and it’s been a glorious success. For night time AND nap times. Thank heavens.

Also, Fraser loooves Stefan and always wants to include him, kiss him, make him smile, soothe him, and attempt to pick him up (which simultaneously makes my heart melt AND makes me cringe). When Stefan is crying, Fraser either joins him (now THAT’S fun (sarcasm)), or sympathetically repeats, “Ooooh Step-uhn” which is frequently accompanied by “DEW-ar” (soother). What a sensitive soul.

'A' for effort I suppose... neither were in the mood, but it's still cute, right? Right??
The summer has been jam-packed full of fun. Play dates, chicken pox (and/or hand foot & mouth disease), visitors, sunshine, and OTTAWA! The biggest event was Ottawa. Carlynne and Daniel had a baby girl named Finola Rose (HELLO FIRST G FAMILY GRANDDAUGHTER! WOOT!), so Lowell, the boys, Nana and I took a quick trip to Ottawa to meet the tiny celeb and observe the parenting skills that have come completely naturally to Dan & Carlynne. It was a short visit, but positively heavenly. We had a perfect balance of exciting outings/adventures and relaxing down times. Plus, let it be known that I may never travel without Nana again! What a HUGE help. From start to finish, Nana’s presence was completely invaluable and allowed Lowell and I to really suck every ounce of enjoyment out of our hasty visit. Nana went so far as to send Dan, Carlynne, Lowell and I on a double date whilst she babysat the three kids. When we arrived home, she had all three kids in bed and the house immaculate. THIS, folks, is the woman I want to emulate in every possible way.

Meanwhile, Papa gave Kumeu the royal treatment at home, so ONCE AGAIN- in case I haven’t stated it enough- my parents are AMAZING.

Oh ya. Pictures… getting used to those are we? Well, don’t expect much from me in the near future as our good lens mysteriously busted which will put us behind several hundy (blech), but here are some Ottawa photogs.

Since Fraser and Stefan are both under two years, they were both considered lap infants (and therefore FREE). However, there was only one lap infant allowed per side (as there's only one extra oxygen mask) so Nana and Lowell took turns entertaining Fraser across the aisle as I was nursing Stefan and supervising his sleeping. And as we didn't want to interrupt Stefan's sleep, he just HAD to stay on my lap and I just HAD to watch movies the whole way. There and back. haha

Stefan legit slept the entire way. Both ways.

Fraser was wide awake and energetic the entire flight until landing. He fell into a deep sleep the instant the plane made contact with the ground. For realz. Good timing there, bud. ;)
Fin is accustomed to her early morning cuddles with Daddy.

Fraser was very generous with his kisses!

Babies and Daddies!

Yes that is a toilet that Fraser is facing. The perfect little room for Fraser.

Heart. Breaker.

Watson. Fraser LOOOOVES this dog.

Super Nana!


Fraser having a teeter with a random little sweetie named Jayla.

Haha. Someone looks a little ticked off!

Twin cousins!

Date night (thanks to Nana)!
The light show at Parliament was amazing!

Fin with her favourite Auntie Julie (hehehe).

My fedorable boys!

It is my belief that both of my children look an extraordinary amount like Auntie Carlynne!

Beautiful beach day with Chris, Katherine, and their kidlets.
Adorbs kidlet #1: William.
Adorbs kidlet #2: Alistair.

Konked. Right. Out.
Three generations of G gals!

Before we parted ways, we obviously had to snap a picture of Carlynne and I with the babes in order to complete the documentation of the twin cousin progression...
First picture: Carlynne at 13 weeks; Julie at 20 weeks.
Second picture: Carlynne at 25 weeks; Julie at 32 weeks.
Third picture: Finola Rose (one month); Stefan Peter (three months)

Aaaaand back home we go! Adios Ottawa!

 Over and out.


Anonymous said...

We have just had a great stretch of entertainment reading this blog together with Finola's other grandparents!! So many beautiful photos! We hope it won't be long until your camera is back in working order!!
Love from ALL Finola's grandparents!

Anonymous said...

I missed you, Julie!! So glad you are back! When are you going to write a book??? Love, Janny Wisse

Lowell & Julie said...

I also hope to have a new camera lens soon, mom & dad!!

And Mrs. Wisse... I just love you. :)