Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Prediction Contest 2.0!

Today marks week 31 of my pregnancy which means we are officially in the single digit week countdown. And folks... it. is. on.

Baby Prediction Contest 2.0 is here, and there's a GREAT prize up for grabs. A $50 gift card for.... WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT! We were going to offer $50 for Starbucks (because let's be honest... that's what I would choose), but we realize that reader interest is vast and varied. Also, I contacted Starbucks and they weren't willing to donate (yes, I was disappointed too), so we began thinking outside the box. Itunes? Sport Chek? Dollarama? You name it, it's yours.

So, click the link. Enter your name. Make your guesses (date, time, gender, name, length, weight, hair/eye colour etc). Press submit. Done.

The big kahoona of a prize goes to the person who guesses the closest date/time AND the appropriate gender. But remember... you should probably answer ALL the questions because we may have a hankering to toss out some extra prizes (as we did last time).

The link: Baby Prediction Contest 2.0

HINT: Due date April 20, 2013.

Contest closes April 1, 2013.

Now... hop to it!

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