Sunday, November 18, 2012

week 18 - swim goggles

Our tiny fetus child is about 5.5 inches long now... not actually so tiny (which is appropriate as neither am I). And also... this is indeed one of the more dorky pregnancy pictures in the ol archives!

1. I felt the baby kick for the first time! I didn't feel Fraser until the last day of my 22nd week, and I remember heading into my 20-week ultrasound completely paranoid that I was going to be given dreadful news. Obviously everything worked out great with Fraser, so I haven't been concerned at all and definitely didn't expect to feel movement so early in my 17th week... but how fun! I love the little flutter feeling and it makes me suddenly feel even more bonded to my babe.

2. My veins are even more out of control than they were with Fraser... but just on my left leg. I look like a 97-year old woman, but it's for a pretty darn good reason so I'm okay with it. Take THAT, giant purple veins!

3. We totally have a stellar name picked out for a girl. Still sort of struggling with a boy's name that matches our criteria AND the awesomeness of Fraser's name... but we're getting there!

4. Lowell turned 31 on the 13th! I just realized that those two numbers are opposite of each other and I really wish I would've noticed that earlier and optimized the heck out of it with some sort of ridiculous celebration. Ah well. He worked from 7am to 9pm that day (minus a 30-minute coffee break we were able to grab together), so there was no time for a Julie-style celebration. Unless you count the coffee break... cuz that is DEFINITELY my style. He even got birthday sprinkles atop his bevvy...

I've said this time and time again, but I just love Lowell to pieces and am so proud of everything about him. He's seriously the best husband and father you could ask for, and life just keeps getting better and better with him by my side. My Dad took the following picture on Lowell and my 5th Anniversary this summer... how lucky am I to have this handsome devil in my life?!

5. Fraser's BFF turned one! And Fraser was given the distinct honour of being Nico's one friend for his first birthday party... SO CUTE! Nico was born on Lowell's 30th birthday last year, and it was the best 30th birthday gift a person could ask for. He started out as a 5-lb preemie and is now a few pounds HEAVIER than the Frase-man himself! We love that little guy like he was our own and look forward to all the many good times these two continue to share. (Whoever said forced friendships were a bad thing??!!)!

5. I totally love my boys. And I'll explain THIS little picture later...

Adioso for now-o!


Angela Carnegie said...

I like that you are kinda sportin' the blue whale look teehee!

shareen said...

Fraser is so cuuuuuuute! Also, I love this picture probably the most.

Lowell & Julie said...

Shar- I was totally thinking of you when taking this picture! I initially tried to plug my nose with a scrunched up face, but I just couldn't pull it off like you do!

Haha Angela- I never even thought of my outfit choice being whale-esque! Good observation! ;)

Michelle said...

You guys never stop making me smile :) Miss you!