Sunday, November 11, 2012

week 17 - iphone 5

Our little fetus star is ~ 5 inches long. Just like an iPhone 5. What??!! iPhones can be considered sporting equipment! Think of all the possibilities: listening to music while you run, using Nike Plus, documenting athletic endeavours etc etc. And what's even better is I actually HAVE one. I survived on pay-as-you-go minutes on sibling hand-me-down ancient phones until last month when HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY TO ME. I feel so mature now (even though, yes, there ARE 8-year olds out there toting the iphone as well).

1. We FINALLY finished Fraser's one year video (well, 6 months to a year). So if you have a few minutes to kill, enjoy...

Fraser's one year video from Lowell & Julie on Vimeo.

You may have noticed Lowell's ridiculous laughter in the video. Well, we do that a lot with Fraser.... just laugh randomly (and ridiculously) which spurs more laughter (from everyone present). Lowell assures me it's good for Fraser's brain development, and hey.... it's just so rootin tootin fun!

Just so you have the whole picture, feel free to take a gander at Fraser's 0-6 month video too...

Fraser's first 6 months! from Lowell & Julie on Vimeo.
2. I'm loving this stage of pregnancy. I feel great (minus the 97-year old hips), and have the perfect sized belly- it's obvious that I'm pregnant, but it doesn't take over my entire body and completely inhibit movement. I HAVE noticed, however, that my eyes have looked extraordinarily tired in the last few pregnancy shots... apparently being asleep by 8:30pm doesn't QUITE erase the tired-eye look. But really... I feel great!

3. Fraser's sign for "more" has morphed into a full-on clap. No doubt to get our attention faster! Smart kid, that one.

4. And by the way, he's totally walking more than crawling now. It's actually weird if he crawls!

5. SNOW! We had a big dump this week, and it was Fraser's first time IN it. It took like 30 minutes to get him bundled up and he couldn't walk in his clunky boots, but he sure did look cute sitting there!

6. I have the sweetest friends. My friend Adele texts me every Friday to wish me a happy new week of pregnancy. Sometimes I don't even remember until I receive her lovely message, and I LOVE it. So no pressure, Adele... but keep it up! :)

5. Today is indeed Remembrance Day, and don't think Fraser got to escape a wee photo shoot...

Over and out!


shareen said...

The video is so wonderful! You did a great job.

Love that kid (both of them).

Anonymous said...

So enjoyable to watch Fraser move from birth to a chatty one year old in just a few minutes! Fun memories in that video!! Has all that happened in one year?!
And Star is iPhone size already!! More time flying!
Love Nana :)