Friday, June 08, 2012

Zabu & Ruthie are married!

On the May long weekend, Lowell, Fraser and I made the trek to Edmonton for Zabu and Ruthie's wedding!

We know Zab from the University of Lethbridge, and he and Lowell formed a brotherly bond. They were roomies in Lethbridge AND Edmonton, and Lowell was honoured to stand up for him at his wedding. Not only did Lowell get to stand up for him, but he even got to wear a kurta (a traditional Indian outfit).

Let me be clear here: I did NOT take these wedding pictures! 3haus photographics did, and they kindly gave me permission to share. Hey... credit where credit is due!

We loved how Zab & Ruth embraced both western culture and Zab's Indian heritage. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all wore traditional Indian get-up while Zab & Ruth wore western-type outfits for the ceremony, and Indian garb for the reception. Ruthie pulls off that sari like no other true blue Canadian!

Bret and Sheena are also tight with Zabu and Ruthie, so it was fun to celebrate together!

Lowell and  Bret were involved in wedding festivities all day, so Sheena, Fraser and I had some serious hang out time. Fraser loves chilling with his Auntie Sheena!

Fraser also loves bananas...

(And yes, that is how Fraser has eaten bananas since day one of banana eating!)

An added bonus to the day was that Grandma and Grandpa T were there! So, as always, Fraser had himself a blast with them...

Lowell gave a fabulous little speech, but I didn't get any pictures because I was helping with the wee visual presentation that accompanied his toast. We DID, however, get some of THESE...

Congrats Zabu and Ruthie! We are SO THRILLED for you, and were so honoured to be a part of your special day!!

Our socializing did not end there, no siree. As per our custom, we tried to snag as many visits as possible in Edmonton and area. We had very limited time on this trip, so we only visited people who had not yet met Fraser... and even then, we missed a whole lotta special peeps.

We stayed with Daniel's parents (whom we lovingly refer to as Uncle Sid and Auntie Marge). We have an open invitation to crash their pad, and we feel as though they're our in-laws. They- along with Dan's siblings Michelle & Jonathon- got to meet Fraser before Dan. And what's even MORE ludicrous is that we didn't get a single picture of them! We also didn't get pictures with our good friends from Uni (Travis and Lisa) or my cousins Doug, Andrea, Isaiah and Megan. We DID, however, get some pictures with Patrick, Michelle, Belle, and baby Elodie...

Lyndsay, Steve, and their kiddies Natalie (little bookworm!) and Bennet (2 weeks older than Fraser and already walking!)...

Joni, Jason, and their little charmer Toby...

Annnnnnd Kim and Greg!

I think Fraser looks EXCEPTIONALLY good on them... don't you?!

All in all, the weekend was a grand success and Fraser traveled brilliantly. And you know what THAT means.... MORE ROAD TRIPS!!

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