Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yay for dads!

Words cannot express how grateful I am that Lowell is my husband and the father of my child. He is such a blessing to us, and I have no problem tooting the heck out of his horn!

This is Lowell's first Father's Day, and I am SO IMPRESSED with who he has become as a father. His love for Fraser is obvious, and watching them together makes my heart melt. Not only does Lowell generously shower us with his love, but he's a great example and role model for Fraser. Lowell is a deep thinker with a strong faith. He is a confident, competent leader with a big huge mushy heart and a wonderful (albeit frequently cheesey!) sense of humour. Lowell is the type of guy that goes above and beyond the call of duty, and gives a million percent ALL. THE. TIME. This is impressive in any case, but throw in the fact that he's legally blind, and that's another ball of wax!

Because of Lowell's eyes, he was never able to participate in group sports and therefore never thought of himself as an athlete. However, in the last few years, he has discovered triathlons, running races, cycling trips, and P90X... all things which he ROCKS at, and loves every second of. I also enjoy participating in these things with him (well, not P90X. I'd rather sit on a couch watching Ellen and eating popsicles, thank you very much). Lowell is just ITCHING for the time that Fraser can join us... kids of steel here we come!

 Lowell's love of travel has already rubbed off on me, and we have lofty dreams of giving Fraserman the bug by toting him anywhere we can any chance we get. Lowell's motto is "CAN SEE; WILL TRAVEL", so watch out world!

If Fraser turns out to be even HALF the man his Dad is, I will be thrilled.

So, in summary, Lowell is an awesome man and a magnificently amazing Dad. Oh, and he's hot. Here... you can see for yourself.

 There. Horn successfully tooted.

Happy first Father's Day, Lowell!

Also- happy Father's Day to MY Daddio! He is a hard working, loving, fun, active, intelligent, attentive, handsome, helpful, God-fearing, musical, hands-on Dad, and has been such an amazing influence in my life. I could write a novel about how awesome my Dad is, and how much he has impacted my life.... he's the best. One of the things I appreciate most is the love he has always shown for my Mom. I believe it showed me what to look for in a mate, and I think I was pretty darn successful in selecting my own hubby! Also, it has been so fun watching Dad shower love on his three grandkids... what a wonderfully fantastic man. It's difficult to articulate just how much I love and appreciate him!

Oh, I'm not quite done yet! Happy F-day to LOWELL's Dad! Couldn't ask for a better father-in-law. He has a heart of gold and a VERY quick wit! I LOVE watching him with Fraser (and the other grandkiddies), and he's a hard worker who always works his butt off to help us out with whatever crazy project we have on the go (that I'm generally useless with). Plus... he had quite a hand in raising Lowell, and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful!

  Love you all and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are SOO blessed, Julie!
Love, Janny Wisse

Anonymous said...

i almost cried... congrats to those daddy's!!