Saturday, December 03, 2011

What's up in Fraserville?!

Hmmmm… what’s new. Welllll…

1. Fraser weighs in at 13lbs 1.4oz at 9 weeks! He also got his first set of vaccinations. That was NOT fun… for either of us. They haven’t seem to have effected him yet… fingers crossed it stays that way!

2. At the dog run, Kumeu got attacked several times by the SAME dog whose owner did nothing whatsoever to discipline him. (In retrospect I wish I would’ve drop-kicked the dog and/or his owner back to the parking lot as clearly my stern voice and simply pushing the jerkface bully of a dog away didn’t cut it). Kumeu seems fine… but SERIOUSLY.

The next day at the same dog run, Kumeu was chomping on and carrying something that looked like a stick. I was calling him in my sappy mothery voice, “Come to Mama! Mama will throw it for you!” And he brought me a deer leg. That’s right… the LEG of a DEER.

No I will NOT throw that for you, dear. I carried it (using a poop bag) the rest of the way and disposed of it. When we got home, Kumeu threw up. Coincidence? I think not.

3. Last weekend we took a spontaneous road trip to Calgary with Glen, Natalie & baby Hope. McCafe coffees that kept us buzzing (and literally shaking) for 12 hours, boys carrying babies while girls SHOPPED, having to pull over in Granum to breastfeed, getting home at 1:30am... epic. Too bad we have no photographic evidence!

4. LOVE the moby wrap! You can’t really see it here, but he IS in it, and it IS comfy for both of us (I gather he’s comfortable because he’s usually fast asleep within the first minute). I resurrected one of my way-too-big-for-me winter coats from my awkward jr/sr high years (I perpetually purchased clothing items that were far too large for me). It’s no fashion statement but it works like a charm!

5. Fraser has been AMAZING this week. He’s been giving me 5-7 hour stretches of sleep at night, he’s been napping consistently during the day, AND he’s been SNUGGLING! In other words, he has been doing the exact opposite of what I previously claimed. This kid has been out to prove me wrong ever since his conception. Oh crap. Did I just jinx it?!

6. My mama got Fraser to take a bottle (filled with my personal goods of course)! You know how WONDERFUL that is??! It opens up soooo many opportunities! Did someone say DATE NIGHT??!! Speaking of my Mom, she’s pretty much the most amazing Nana on the face of the planet. She has offered to take Fraselbutt in the (early) mornings so I can potentially exercise and attempt to regain some semblance of my pre-pregnancy body. I looooooove my mama!!

7. Oh yes. And one more thing. We’re currently en route to HAWAII!!

Soooooo much more to come on that!

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Shelley said...

I LOOOOVE every little bit of Fraselbutt (and you guys, OF COURSE) and this blog post...ok, minus the deer leg cause that's gross.

(ps...check Kumeu's poop for worms)