Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Maui Wowie!

* Viewer discretion is advised. While most pictures are simply adorable, some photos are not suitable for all audiences.

ALOHA! We're kickin back, splashing in the ocean and soaking up the Hawaiian rays with 2/3 of the fam. We are joined by my parents, and Marc, Kylie & the ever entertaining Ty!

Our travel day was 22 hours long, and Fraser was an absolute dream! He either slept, ate, or stared at us.

We felt obligated to indulge in some of Seattle's finest during our 5-hour layover in Seattle. I did NOT think it was necessary, however, to include the calorie information beside each menu option. That's just something that I do NOT need to know (as apparently my top choices have the highest calorie count)...

Fraser's mama- while thoroughly enjoying his amazing behaviour- was exhausted. So exhausted, in fact, that when going through security and removing my sweater and shoes, I NEARLY removed my pants as well. THAT would've been embarrassing. Thankfully, we DID manage to arrive without me doing anything too embarrassing or inappropriate.

We've arrived!

We've been in Maui for two days, and already there has been so much fun and cuteness! Let me prove it...

Little Tyrn put on his Daddy's gear and worked the camera (much to the amusement of the beach crowd). SO cute!

We went to the nude beach again!! Mom and Kylie stayed back with the kiddies while Dad, Marc, Lowell and I sought out the best boogy boarding waves on the island. We also went to see the Sunday evening fire dancing. THANK HEAVENS the majority of the people there were wearing swimming gear and there was no pressure to be naked. This year I was not so keen to join in the nakedness because things have changed post-baby, and also because I was there with my brother and Dad and things could've gotten awkward.

After the most beautiful sunset ever, we joined the fire dancing circle.

Marc joined the drummers, and I got the most amazing (read: disturbing) shot (totally unintentionally might I add)...

(The gentleman behind Marc was playing the piccolo.)

We could've done without all the nudity and drugs around, but the fire dancing WAS pretty dang cool...

Head over to Marc's Hawaiian post for some laughs. That boy sure has a way with words!

Now if you will excuse me, the beach seems to be calling my name.

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