Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka!

Our Christmas gift from my parents was a pre-Christmas family holiday in Hawaii (thanks Mom & Dad!!!)!

It's HOT and BEAUTIFUL and little Ty is an absolute DOLL who happens to think that the sand is DELICIOUS!

He claps, he laughs, he babbles, he zooms around on all fours, he imitates like crazy, and he's just such a delight!

He also has hilarious facial expressions when caught off guard (by things such as a mouthful of salt water)...

What a beeeeautiful little family within our family!

Despite Tyrn's irresistible cuteness, we have managed to have a bit of fun without him. He's not quite old enough for boogy boarding, surfing or snorkeling... yet!

We also watched people surf INSANE waves (but as we are not suicidal, we did not even begin to THINK about attempting it as well)...

Ty's water fun is generally a little tamer and contained within a tiny pink blow-up toy. Still though... mighty thrilling!

December 8th was our "Christmas Day". We woke up early and went SNORKELING!

My Dad briefly got a hold of the camera and took a small series of silly self portrait shots. Here's one of the gems that I snuck in on...

At snorkeling destination number two, everyone but Lowell and I saw (AND SWAM WITH) turtles. This was unfortunate because 1) we would have LOVED to see the turtles, and 2) we were the only ones with a camera. But Lowell still got a fun half-under-water picture of turtle town...

You may also notice that during our fun-in-the-sun-and-water activities, we wear rash tops and/or sunglasses and/or hats (and LOADS of spf 50). We certainly stand out among the crowd of intensely-tanned-string-bikini-wearing crowd.

Moving along. After a loooong post-snorkeling afternoon nap (sun, salt water, and swimming really takes it out of a person!), Mom & Dad kicked us out while they prepared Christmas dinner/festivities... so we took a sunset walk along the beach.

When we arrived back at the penthouse, Mom and Dad were donning their new matching Hawaiian holiday outfits, and ushering us into a place filled with Christmas cheer!

Our little Hawaiian stockings were displayed nicely on the coffee table (a G Christmas without chocolate letters would be a travesty indeed!)


Ty's FIRST Christmas dinner (made into greeny mush). What a momentous occasion!

The view from our penthouse is quite spectacular. PURE BEACH BABY!

Our penthouse has enough of everything to accommodate all of us (although we sleep spread out in the living room and on the deck).... it's perfect! Our only glitch so far has been the coffee-maker-blow-up of 2010, but I'm willing to gloss past that little imperfection...

5 days down of this holiday, and 5 days to go. I think I could get used to Hawaiian pre-Christmas Christmases!


Bloggy Mama said...

Oh MAN!!! I'm so loving that you are all together doing this. I'm also slightly jealous. But yay for you!

Shelley said...

So awesome beyond awesome!!! I love that you're all able to do christmas in hawaii together! Will your parents adopt ME??

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Ty eating sand. I think all babies must love sand because my parents have pretty much the exact same pictures of us kids. (Minus being in Hawaii of course. We ate good old Canadian sand!)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are having a good time. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Carlynne said...

Hope you guys are still enjoying the Maui life! Dan and I are stuck in Chicago because of snowstorms. Looks like we will likely have to stay the night and miss our first day back to work.