Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One more tri!

Lowell and I did another triathlon!

We finished...we survived... and Lowell got FIRST (in his age group), and I got third (in my age group and overall for females in my distance).

Let's flash back to 2007 when we did the same triathlon but a) Lowell insisted we do the entire race TOGETHER, and b) it was warm outside so my transition times weren't painfully slow as a result of tortuously yoinking long tights over wet legs... I got FIRST over all females. My time was FIVE WHOLE MINUTES faster than my time this year. It nearly killed me and I cursed Lowell the entire way... but apparently he's my ticket to gold. Dang. I've been de-throned.

Before I delve into the race, let's have a little conversation about goggles. A few years ago, Mom & Dad discovered goggles that are bigger, clearer, and brighter. Lowell and I started wearing them because it's so much easier to see underwater with them. I never saw myself in them until I caught a glimpse of this here picture (bottom left)...

Apparently these goggles won't win any type of aesthetic award! The giant goggles look super dorky on my tiny face (and the nerdy/nervous smirk doesn't help). But hey... I'll take function over fashion if it'll bring my 'A' game with it.

Lowell doesn't look like such a loser in HIS goggles (although I don't have a picture to prove it).

After that dorky goggle interlude, let's back up a smidge...

Getting transition area ready:



Generally the volunteers wave a blue flutter board to indicate your last lap, but since Lowell is visually impaired, he requested that they smack him on the head with it. This guys took a friendly approach and kindly pat Lowell's head with his hand...

Transition 1:


Transition 2:



First place... (SO proud of him, by the way)

Third place...

Happy family...

The end.


Anonymous said...

You two are so amazing! Good job!

shareen said...

ooh, I may make your goggle picture my new screensaver. I need things to laugh at during the day.

marcandorkylie said...

I too love the goggles I think you should do a photo shoot with them. :)

Shelley said...

i agree with marc and kylie...goggle photo shoot!! :D