Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things on the farm don't always go as planned...


Here are a few examples.

I was attempting to retrieve Beau’s leash for his morning walk when a magpie dive-bombed my head, and I looked up to see (and smell!) a skunk chillin out directly in front of Beau’s leash. Sorry Beau- no walk today!

2. Lowell and I were getting in the car to head to Pioneer Camp where my Mom was cooking for the week when a neighbour drove up and informed us that our cows were in their field. Soooo, we took a little detour to guide the herd back to their pasture.

Dad T lured them with his cow calls while Lowell brought them up at the rear, and I stood at the side to prevent them from darting east. My job didn't exactly require talent, so I made use of the camera hanging around my neck.

Dad T fixed the culprit...

And Lowell washed all the acquired manure off his feet.

After that little fiasco, we DID make it to the camp in plenty of time to chat with old friends (and meet new ones), eat a delicious dinner... and get facials.

Yes... facials at camp.

While the boys were on an outrip, the gals had a spa night. Mom and I relaxed on the lawn while 14 year old girls slathered oatmeal and cucumbers on our faces.

I was still picking dried oatmeal out of my nose and ears the next day, but the refreshing experience was totally worth it.

3. The initial plan was to do lots of farming and gardening this summer until BAM- Alberta’s weather turned nasty and CLEAN-UP became the main item on the agenda. Torrential winds, rain, and hail tore the gardens, trees, and crops to shreds. We were away for the weekend, so I didn’t get pictures until AFTER clean-up day number one.

Although Mom and Dad T's house and animals were okay (thanks to the surrounding trees that took the main beating), friends and family in the area weren't so lucky. Spooked horses ran through fences and bled to death, and one calf ended up dead with no eyes after being struck by lightning. FORTUNATELY, I do not have pictures of these things.

Uncle Barry and Aunty Lois' one year old trailer was pelted pretty good...

As was Lowell's cousins' place.

(Apparently Little Teagan was removed from her bed just moments before the window shattered. Phew! And by the way, I hacked into my Mother-in-Law's facebook account and stole these photos from her niece's page. That's not inappropriate or creepy at all is it?!)

It's AUGUST for crying out loud... NOT THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!

Ah well- at least there were no surprises on cow-butchering day.

WHOOPSIE DOODLE. Apologies to you vegetarians!


Kevan said...

That storm damage is crazy! Looks like it was a crazy weekend...

Bloggy Mama said...

Whoa- that IS crazy storm damage. So sad that animals were lost.

Shelly said...

So terrible to hear about the storm! Thankfully no one got hurt! I love the last picture. I have a vivid memory of driving around the farm in the old pick-up to round up my brothers (I was probably 13 at the time, you know, farmer driving with no license) and I came around the barn and there was a HUGE spotlight shining on a butchered cow (at night, hence the spotlight) EXACTLY like the picture you put up. Scarred me for life.

Daniel said...

Nice post, crazy storm, glad you all made it through.