Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steep streets flowing with chocolate and more chocolate.

One of the main tourist traps in Dunedin is Cadbury World. We, being no different than our fellow chocolate-lovin tourists, purchased a 75-minute factory tour for ourselves.

We had to banish jewelery, watches, bags, and cameras, and cover head & facial (which neither of us can claim thank heavens) hair.

The tour was very informative, and we received several chocolate bars along the way. Some good, some kind of gross, but it didn’t really matter because it all involved chocolate.

Our favourite little factoid was that Cadbury endures 6 months of hardcore chocolate bar production for one week of Kiwi consumption. Can you guess what week that it?

Guess again...


There are 4 million people in New Zealand, and in preparation for Easter week, 43 million (I'm pretty sure that's the number our guide said) chocolate bars are made. HOLY KAZOLI!

Another crazy fact is that the Dunedin factory uses 33,000 litres of milk A DAY for chocolate production. See Mom and Dad? Chocolate is healthy!

Upon completion of the tour, we perused the chocolate store as we dreamed of different varieties of chocolate melting in our mouths. We grabbed our faves and vacated before more damage was done.

(The portion of our chocolate stockpile that hadn't been consumed before returning to Gus.)

I was hoping that the chocolate stash we acquired would be enough to satisfy our bellies for the next several weeks, but in fact it took us 2 days to polish off every last delicious crumb. Apparently we lack self control in this little family of ours... but at least we're happy.

Another must-see in Dunedin is Baldwin Street- the world’s steepest street.

The asphalt turns to concrete partway up the hill because otherwise the road would melt away on a warm day.

The steepest grade is 1 in 2.86. I don’t really know what that means other than that it’s a stinkin steep street.

We didn’t take Gus up it because we love him too much, but we sure did carry ourselves up and down.

And I say again… it was steep.


Bloggy Mama said...

Thoughts, in reverse order:
1)Whoa, that would be a sweet workout every day.... not for me, but for someone.
2) Perky mama??? Are you serious? What does it taste like?
3) I accidentally clicked on a photo, trying to scroll down and got a super-zoom of Lowell eating that fishy one. Looks yummy, that close-up.
4) I wish I could go there... though in my "current state" chocolate makes me sick. SO. Depressing.
5) As always, jaw-dropping adventures. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Love your stories as usual. I am now craving chocolate like crazy!! Good thing my mom and dad just sent a care package with smarties. :) (America doesn't have smarties...who knew?!)

Glad you both are having so much fun!