Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Az Week

Exciting things are happening all over the place for our families! In order of occurrence...

1. For you non-Lethbridgians who didn't have the opportunity to tune in to the River 107.7fm and witness Lowell and my mini-celebrity moment, here it is:

On Tuesday morning, we woke up at 5:30am in hopes of mustering up enough intelligence by our 6am phone interview from across the globe (i.e., Lethbridge Alberta, CANADA baby). Singing scales easily helped rid the "bedroom voice", but the intelligence factor was a more difficult mountain to climb. However, we kind of half climbed it and their magical editing took care of the rest:) Thank goodness for pre-recorded interviews...

Believe it or not, this was not my first radio experience. Shareen reminded me of my true debut when I was in grade 6. She had called in for some contest, and in complete oblivion to what she was doing, I continued to blast my tenor saxophone in my parents' room. Apparently she was yelling at me to shut up, but my ear drums were already rattling from the sax, so I didn't hear her at all. After winning her prize, the announcers asked Shareen what the pleasant sound (ha!) was in the background. I imagine that she rolled her eyes as she reported that her little sister was practising the saxophone. They asked to speak with me, and I ended up playing part of the theme song from Swan Lake on the air. (You can get my autograph later).

2. CARLYNNE AND DAN ARE GOING TO OTTAWA! Immediately following the completion of our radio interview, we skyped with Dan & Carlynne who had just found out that they will be spending the next 3 years of their lives in our nation's beautiful capital- OTTAWA! They were both selected to do their residencies there- Dan for internal med; Carlynne for family med.

Carlynne documented "skype reactions" for her records. This was "the NZ reaction":

The afternoon of "match day" was spent with fellow students who had also discovered where they would complete their residencies. Most students wore white shirts with the place and program written on it, but you can always count on Carlynne and Dan to do things a little differently. They purchased giant helium balloons that loomed directly above their heads, broadcasting their destination.

Pretty creative eh?!

(The only way I can truly be happy for them is by holding on to the knowledge that this is indeed a TEMPORARY move. If you think you can pluck those two away from us permanently... THINK AGAIN!)

3. Wednesday morning was another early morning for us as we picked Dave & Lori up from the airport at 5:45am!! We were thrilled to welcome more family to this beautiful country.

This is Dave & Lori in beautiful CANADA- not NZ (thank you creepy facebook). We (well, mostly Lowell while I was at work) have shared multiple experiences with them already, but due to an unfortunate 'delete all' incident, we have no pictures on our camera. Dave & Lori are now off touring on their own for a few days, but when they return to Auckland, I plan to swipe their camera and steal their pictures in order to give y'all a better look at what THEY have been up to...

Oh, and I have 6.5 days of work left (again, not that I'm counting), so you can expect many more exciting adventures from us SOON!!!


Karyn Clemens said...

It doesn't work, it doesn't work!!! What do I DOOOO???? Can you fix it? Please? For little ol' me?? :)


Carlynne said...

We are sad about moving far away too but you are not really one too talk! We miss you guys a lot though. Good thing it is only temporary and you are going to come and visit us lots!

Oh and the link didn't work for me either:(

Lowell & Julie said...

I don't know WHAT the deal is with that stinkin link. It works on our computers as long as we don't scroll down. As soon as we scroll, the entire link disappears! So odd... So, uh, try not scrolling! (that's my very technical advise.)

Clynie, once we return to Canada, I have a feeling that Lowell and my schedules will be determined by WestJet seat sales:)