Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good bye funky red couches...

You witnessed (and in fact propped up our rears for) many extraordinary kiwi memories...

Gingerbread-house-making with our good friends Lance & Nat:

Christmas with our lovely sister and cousin, Julie Anne and Erin:

And Tim Tam Slams with Marc & Kylie:

Even completely random and otherwise arguably insignificant events occurred on you. Occasions such as when Kylie bust a gut laughing at how ridiculously giant my pay stubs are:

(If only the dollar amount written on those waste-of-tree stubs was proportionately as large.)

Please don't be offended that you are being sold to another home. The landlord felt it was best this way (and knew that money could be made off your coolness). I'm sure your new owners will appreciate the heck out of your funkiness and adore you as much as we do.

So, as we bid farewell to our old furniture, we embrace the replacement.

Welcome to the family weird normal brown couch. We've already sunk our tooshies into your comfortable cushions and felt as though we died and went to brown couch heaven (don't tell funky red couches). We look forward to making many more memories with (on) you.


Bloggy Mama said...

Ummm... "We look forward to making many more memories with (on) you." Ha! Apparently I am, still, fifteen.
Goodbye funky red couches.

Susan said...

I laughed at that part too. :)

marcandorkylie said...

WHAT WHAT? I am not coming back to your house anymore, these were really the only reason I came.

Anonymous said...

Who donated the new beautiful brown couch? Mart

Lowell Taylor said...

Oh you little turkeys (Liz & Susan)!

Martz- There were extra 4 couches at the lodge (next door) for us to choose from. The owners are only selling the funky red ones right now (b/c they're so awesome obviously), so we were free to grab what we wanted! You and Lando will never meet our couches though b/c by the time you come, we'll be homeless drifters!