Friday, February 13, 2009

Chock up another bungy for the "crazies"!

Monday was our last day in Queenstown with Marc & Kylie, and we ended on a high note. A very high note in fact... 134 meters high!

Marc, Lowell and I hurled ourselves off the famed 134 meter platform referred to as "Nevis". It's the second highest bungy jump in the world. (It was THE highest until South Africa swooped in and made one twice the size).

Again, this activity does not come under the umbrella of a "Kylie Activity", so she became the official photographer for the event.

We were taken by bus up to the 'Nevis station' where they secured our harnesses, gave us instructions, and sent us on a flying crate to the giant floating gondola car.

From here, there was nothing else to do.... but jump. Jump into the intimidating canyon below us.

Jumping order was heaviest to lightest. I was the only girl in the pack of wild men, and also the lightest... so I had the pleasure of waiting for about 10 people to jump ahead of me.

Of our little posse, Lowell was first. After his feet were tied up, he took a leap of faith.

Lowell expressed that he didn't get dropped low enough. He felt like he had plenty of time before his cranium began scraping against rocks.

The Nevis was one of the main reasons why Lowell wanted to come to NZ in the first place. When he returned from his leap, he said "We can go home now."

Uh... yeah right. There are a FEW more things I'd like to do while we're on the other end of the world here, honey.

Next from our posse was Marc...

I think he liked it...

And FINALLY, it was my turn, and I was cool as a cucumber. I do believe that launching myself off of the weeny 34-meter platform in December (the 'Ledge') gave me the calm and confidence I needed to spring off this one.

So, strap me up, and let me go!

See I'm calm. Calm as a sleeping baby. No misgivings here!

Tee hee. Me likey.

And I also likey the woman's gravity defying dress on the door of the ladies bathroom...

Now that I have two bungy jumps under my belt, I think I'm good. Good as gold.


Bloggy Mama said...

You say "good", I say "crazy"... same thing

Julie Anne said...

Well done you two!! Julie I am very impressed that you launched yourself off of that are you going to have to head to South Africa to do the next size up? That's awesome you got to do it Lowell!! You two are having so many adventures, I'm thrilled for you! Keep it up!

Carlynne said...

Cute freckles Julie!!!!

Quinn And Zoe said...

I wish I could have little pocket sized Lowell and Julie's, you guys are too much fun!

strive4impact said...

I really like Quinn and Zoe's comment... "I wish I could have little pocket sized Lowell and Julie's, you guys are too much fun!"

Your reef job video rocked. Was a lot of fun and holy amazing fast talkers. I tried to talk that fast too, but it came out completely mush-mouthed. Ah well.

Lost of fun and much success to you! There is an incredible selection of people for them to choose from in this contest... You are among the best.


Jonathan Kraft