Thursday, December 18, 2008

When People can be Drugs

Well, these two are like a drug to me. Some crazy ultra-caffeinated, hyper-insomnia-inducing, super-excitement-causing drug.

Julie Anne (our sister, well technically just Lowell's actual sister) & Erin (our cousin) arrived at the Auckland airport at 5:20 yesterday morning!!

I was FAR too excited for their arrival:

Here they come!!!

"Oooo, gimme a hug. GIMME A HUG!" (airport-in-the-moment-pictures are generally of the crappy quality)

Siblings & cousin: together at last in NZ!

Unfortunately, I had to work all day, but they had some fun of their own (gulping down smoothies and ice cream from the neighbouring strawberry farm, soaking up some sun, walking around the area, napping etc).

By the time I got home it was time for dinner, but I was way too excited to think about food. So, instead I made them starve a little while longer while we entertained each other with stories and laughter. We finally did scarf down some food, then it was time to get to our home group Christmas party!

We delivered Lance's gingerbread house to him, and we made Julie Anne break the news to him that his back wall had caved in from the dang heat & humidity (NOT a problem back home).

Julie Anne was a little bashful about this.

It was Julie Anne & Erin's first intro to the group, and might I add that they made a GREAT impression.

We didn't get home last night 'till 11pmish, and you would THINK I would've been exhausted given my history of sleepiness and the fact that I had been up for 19 hours... but nope. Sleep didn't claim me for quite some time, then I was wide awake by 5:40 this morning.

Today is my last day of work before the four of us embark on a little holiday (QUEENSTOWN), so the 3 of them will have some NZ bonding time today (you know, climb a few volcanoes, buy a few Christmas trees...) until I return home and force all the attention on myself (I'm kidding, but I haven't exactly been shy since they arrived). We have many thrilling adventures planned for the next several days, so you'll just have to stay tuned to find out what.



Shelley said...

julie, you're hilarious.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see/hear that the Taylor relatives arrived safely. Happy Holidays!!!
Mum :)

Bloggy Mama said...

Yay for visits. Awesome.